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2018 Black Graduation Ceremony

On Wednesday, May 9, 2018, from 6:00 to 9:00 PM, the Center for African American Studies (CAAS) and the African American Faculty and Staff Association (AAFSA) will host its annual African American Graduating Student Recognition Ceremony in the Lonestar Auditorium inside the Maverick Activities Center (MAC).

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Dr. Dulaney

Dulaney recognized with awards

Dr. W. Marvin Dulaney, of the Department of History, was recognized by UTA's Division of Student Affairs as a "Faculty/Staff Friend" and by the Women of the NAACP UTA Student Chapter with a "Distinguished Faculty Award."

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Dr. Robert Bing

Study examines portrayals of crime and stereotypes

Dr. Robert Bing, of the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice, has edited and published, Race, Crime and the Media (McGraw-Hill, 2010).

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New AAFSAThe African American Faculty and Staff Association at the University of Texas at Arlington has a proud history of serving the entire University Community with a focus on providing a support network and host of resources for African and African American faculty, staff, and students. We also are committed to promoting academic excellence and mentoring for our African-American students.

Our organization provides camaraderie through our many programs and initiatives. In addition to our monthly meetings, we also host a number of special events throughout the year such as "The Back to School Mixer for Faculty and Students", the President’s reception, an Annual Black History Month Program, culminated by our newest event, the AAFSA Awards Banquet.

This year, we are focusing on four key strategic areas to enhance the experience for faculty, staff, and students. 1) We are going to focus on supporting our students in more tangible ways such as collaborating with our black student organizations on special campus events, 2) reaching out to faculty members (many of whom are unavailable during the time of our meetings), 3) developing a strategic plan for AAFSA and 4) establishing a scholarship fund for minority students.

I am committed to working with other African-American faculty, staff and administrators to ensure their success at UTA. As stated by our former President Dr. Dulaney "There is strength in numbers and there is even more strength in unity." Thus, I encourage you to join with those of us in the AAFSA who are committed to serve our students, to serve the university, and of course, to serve each other.

We want to provide a first-class, supportive and co-curricular experience for faculty and staff here at UT - Arlington. On behalf of the 2017-2018 Leadership Team, we look forward to seeing you at our events and hope you will take an active role as well.

Our Mission

AAFSA seeks to establish a mechanism through which African Americans are fully recognized as contributing members of the University of Texas at Arlington and the community at large. The organization will accomplish this objective by advocacy and support for issues deemed important by AAFSA.

Our Goals

Through its presence and visibility, the African American Faculty and Staff Association (AAFSA) shall:

  1. To provide advice and support to African American faculty, staff and constituents.
  2. To sponsor mentoring opportunities for membership, etc.
  3. To assist and advise on issues related to the advancement of African American faculty, staff and students.
  4. To provide a forum for research and professional development.
  5. To develop partnerships with other University organizations.