The University of Texas at Arlington

Spring 2012 Newsletter

Even Months
2nd Wednesday
Noon at University Club

Odd Months
2nd Wednesday
at 4:00 pm
Wetsel Bldg
Room 200

Constitution and By-Laws

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Article III

Section III.1

The committees for AAFSA shall be designated as follows:

1. Professional Development
2. Retention
3. Membership Recruitment
4. Finance

Part A. Professional Development

This committee shall be responsible for sponsoring activities related to faculty, staff and student development.

Part B. Retention

This committee shall explore ways to establish and develop initiatives to assure the continuing retention of AA faculty, staff and students

Part C. Membership Recruitment

To promote membership and growth of AAFSA.

Part D. Finance

To identify and procure funds to support AAFSA initiatives.

Section III.2 Scheduled Meetings/Special Meetings

The president shall schedule, at least two meetings, per regular session.

Section III.3 Removal of Officers from Office

In the event of non-performance of duties, misappropriation of funds, negligence, an officer may be removed from office in the following manner:

A. Elected Officers

Elected officers may be removed by a 4/5 majority of the members present at a regular meeting, or special meeting, provided a quorum is present

B. Appointed Officers

Appointed Officers may be removed by 4/5 of the Executive Committee.

Section III.4 Interim Vacancies

Vacancies to be filled immediately by president, or vice president, in absence of the president, until the next meeting.