Resolution by Texas State House of Representatives

Through the efforts of a group of WUFIers and TAA-Dallas members, on March 5, 1997 Texas State House of Representatives passed a resolution by the Honorable Jerry Madden to recognize February 28 as Taiwan Peace Day. A group of TAA-Austin members were there to witness the passage of the resolution and to accept the proclamation presented by Mr. Madden. The complete text is copied below.

H.R. No 221
Honorable Madden, Jerry

WHEREAS, Februray 28, 1997, has been designated Taiwan Peace Day, and this noteworthy occasion is truly worthy of special recognition at this time; and

WHEREAS, On February 28, 1947, a crowd of 2,000 people assembled in Taipei to protest the beating death of a cigarette vendor at the hands of police agents; during the demonstration, machine-gun fire from a government building swept the crowd, killing at least four people, and the resulting popular uprising against the military government was the genesis of the democratic form of government that Taiwan enjoys today; and

WHEREAS, Since that time Taiwan has grown and flourished both politically and economically, and the country is now a crucial element in the stability and prosperity of the Asia Pacific region; and

WHEREAS, Taiwan's commitment to democracy was aptly reflected when, in March 1996, the country's first presidential election by direct popular vote took place; a capitalist success story, Taiwan has assumed a preeminent role in global commerce and is now Texas's sixth-largest trading partner; and

WHEREAS, In recognition of the tragic events of February 28, 1947, and the democratic movement that sprang from them, the day's 50th anniversary has been declared Taiwan Peace Day, and while this commemoration honors those who gave their lives in the struggle against oppression, it is also a day of reconciliation for the people of Taiwan; although it is painful to recall the injustices of the past, doing so is our best defence against their being repeated, and it is in this spirit that we mark this solemn occasion; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, That the house of Representatives of the 75th texas Legislature hereby recognize February 28, 1997, as Taiwan Peace Day and honor those around the world who have sacrificed themselves to the cause of human freedom.

The February 28 Holocaust