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The following is quoted from the International Taklamakan Uighur Human Rights Association

In China, starting from April of 1996: a political campaign named: "A relentless 100 day strike against counter-revolutionary national separatists" was launched by the People’s Republic of China (PRC). The goal of this campaign was to suppress the self-determination movements of the minority groups in Tibet, East Turkestan (Uighur, Xinjiang), and Mongolia. The PRC thought this would silence the push for self- determination and human rights in those regions and allow a smooth take over of Hong Kong in 7/1/1997.

Throughout this campaign, the PRC executed about 1700 Uighur (East Turkestani ) people and arrested around 5000 people.

Recent events:

2/4/97: PRC soldiers broke into the homes of 200 Uighur people in the Yining area at midnight and arrested them without justification.

2/5/97: About 400 Uighur people went to Yining City Hall to protest the 2/4/97 arrest and the political campaign in April, 1996. 80% of these protesters were 15-30 years old. The military and police of the PRC fired their guns and killed 31 people right in front of Yining City Hall, they then arrested the rest. The following evening, they arrested another 1000 Uighur people in their homes.

2/6/97: 3000-4000 Uighur people went to protest 2/5/97's arrest and killings. All were arrested by PRC soldiers. This made the arrest total around 5000 people. The PRC moved the people arrested on 2/5/97 to the 6 counties (HouChing, Yining, Nileke, Tekes, Mung Ghul Kura, and Chapchal) and Yining city for public execution on the street in front of their family, friends, and relatives. None of those executed received a trial. There were 410 Uighur people being executed and 5000 Uighur people being arrested during 2/5/97-2/11/97.

Since then, they have shut down all phone lines into and out of the region and refused to allow any foreigners into observe. Noone knows how many more people are facing arrest, torture or execution.

The People’s Republic of China (PRC) also performs its nuclear tests in East Turkestan (Xinjiang). The nuclear tests are destroying the land and homes of the Uighur people. The Uighur are suffering from the diseases and other side effects from the radiation.

For social justice, for fighting environmental racism, for human rights, and for grassroots democracy, we must condemn the People’s Republic of China for failing on all fronts.

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