Proclamations and Recognitions List

The following political leaders from the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex area have signed documents proclaiming/recognizing February 2-28 as Taiwan Peace Day. Dallas TAA and WUFI members thank them for their sharing the value of democracy, peace, and justice for all.

Mr. Scott Armey, Denton County Commissioner

Ms. Donna Blumer, Dallas Councilmember

Mr. Mike Cantrell, Dallas County Commissioner

Ms. Barbara Mallory Caraway, Dallas City Councilmember

Mr. John J. Carona, Texas State Senator

Mr. Larry Duncan, Dallas City Councilmember

Mr. Paul Fielding, Dallas City Councilmember

Mr. Don Hicks, Dallas city Councilmember

Mr. Don Hill, Denton County Commissioner

Mr. Jerry Hoagland, Collin County Commissioner

Ms. Sandy Jacobs, Denton County Commssioner

Mr. Jim Jackson, Dallas County Commissioner

Judge Lee F. Jackson, Dallas County

Congressman Sam Johnson, US House of Representatives

Mr. Jeff Krueger, Denton County Commissioner

Mr. Al Lipscomb, Dallas City Councilmember

Mayor Kevin L. Lilly, City of Mien

Mayor John Longstreet, City of Plano

Mr. Chris Luna, Dallas City Councilmember

Mr. Jerry Madden, Texas State Representative

Mr. Kenneth A. Mayfield, Dallas County Commisioner

Mr. Craig McDaniel, Dallas City Councilmember

Judge Jeff Moseley, Denton County Judge

Mayor Jamie Ratliff, City of Garland

John Wiley Price, Dallas County Commisioner

Mr. Steve Salazar, Dallas City Councilmember

Judge Charles F. Sandoval, District Judge of 380th Court

Congressman Pete Sessions, US House of Representatives

Ms. Florence Shapiro, Texas State Senator

Mayor Gary Slagel, City of Richardson

Mr. David Smith, City of Plano Councilman

Mr. Wayne Tucker, Civic Leader

Mr. Alan Walne, Dallas City Councilmember

The February 28 Holocaust