Another February 28,...

On February 28, 1980, the mother and twin daughters of a jailed political dissident, Lin Yi-Shiong were stabbed and found dead in their house, which had been under close surveillance by the KMT's secret police since Mr. Lin's arrest in December of 1979. The case has never been solved.

The following poem is dedicated to the twin's parents (Original in Taiwanese by San-Chi Shih English Translation by Y. T. Lin):

Every night when stars fill up the sky,
our folks always look up to search;
which star is Liang-Jin?
which star is Tin-Jin?
Tears were already dried ,
but bloody mark could never be erased.
Stars travel in the cold and lonely distance,
no longer could kiss Mommy and Daddy on cheeks,
in the dark they continue twinkling their bright eyes.

The February 28 Holocaust