Annual Celebration of Excellence by Students (ACES)

Congratulations to all of the award recipients and thank you to all of the presenters!

Graduate Dean's Excellence in Doctoral Student Mentoring Award

Dr. Frank Lewis, Department of Electrical Engineering

Sigma Xi Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award

Dr. Kevin Schug, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Graduate Morning Oral Presentation

Honorable Mention ($50) - Praveen Gulaka (Biomedical Engineering)
Title: Monitoring tissue response to hyperbaric oxygen intervention using 1H MRI
Faculty Mentor(s): Vikram D. Kodibagkar

Honorable Mention ($50) - Aniket Wadajkar (Biomedical Engineering)
Title: Theranostic nanoparticles for cancer diagnosis and treatment
Faculty Mentor(s): Kytai Nguyen

Graduate Dean's Award ($100) - Aruna B. Wijeratne (Chemistry)
Title: “Tartar Emetic”: Chemically Known as Potassium Antimony Tartrate: The Best Kept Secret for Centuries.
Faculty Mentor(s): Kevin A. Schug

Provost's Award ($200) - Giacomo Ghidini (Computer Engineering)
Title: A Novel Framework for Data Dissemination in Wireless Sensor Networks
Faculty Mentor(s): Dr. Sajal K. Das

President's Award ($300) - Sanchali Deb (Electrical Engineering)
Title: Wireless Micro Gastro-Stimulator for the treatment of Gastroparesis
Faculty Mentor(s): Jung Chih Chiao

Graduate Afternoon Oral Presentation

Honorable Mention ($50) - Jonathan Armstrong (Electrical Engineering)
Title: Human Steadiness/Tremor Measurement Using General Systems Performance Theory
Faculty Mentor(s): George Kondraske

Honorable Mention ($50) - Sairam Geethanath (Biomedical Engineering)
Title: Rapid metabolic imaging of brain cancer
Faculty Mentor(s): Vikram D. Kodibagkar

Graduate Dean's Award ($100) - Aydin Farajidavar (Biomedical Engineering)
Title: Treating Neural Disorders: A Smart Brain-Machine-Brain Interface (BMBI)
Faculty Mentor(s): Dr. J. C. Chiao, Dr. Yuan B. Peng

Provost's Award ($200) - Joshua Jensen (Linguistics)
Title: Curious Couplets in Jarai Poems
Faculty Mentor(s): Colleen Fitzgerald

President's Award ($300) - Kallie Kosc (History)
Title: "Friends of Our Fathers": Praying Indian Patriots and American-Native Relations in Revolutionary-Era New England
Faculty Mentor(s): Dr. David Narrett

Graduate Poster Presentation

Graduate Dean's Poster Award ($50) - Richa Karanjekar (Civil Engineering)
Title: An Improved Model to Predict Gas Generation from Bioreactor Landfills
Faculty Mentor(s): Melanie Sattler, Sahadat Hossain

Provost's Poster Award ($100) - Ashwin Nair (Biomedical Engineering)
Title: Biomaterial Implant Mediated Autologous Stem Cell Recruitment and Differentiation
Faculty Mentor(s): Dr. Liping Tang

President's Poster Award ($200) - Vitaly Voinov (Linguistics)
Faculty Mentor(s): Cynthia Kilpatrick

Undergraduate Afternoon Oral Presentation

Honorable Mention ($50) - Jaundell Parker (Interdisciplinary Studies)
Title: Environmental temperature and virulence in marine bacteria
Faculty Mentor(s): Laura Mydlarz

Honorable Mention ($50) - Keduse Agonafer (Mechanical Engineering)
Title: Solar Shroud Design Using Computational Fluid Dynamics
Faculty Mentor(s): Dereje Agonafer

Graduate Dean's Award ($100) - Nathan Dunn (Aerospace Engineering)
Title: Development and Testing of a Continuous Detonation Wave Engine
Faculty Mentor(s): Dr. Frank K. Lu

Provost's Award ($200) - Chelsea Roff (Psychology)
Title: How Affective Dissonance Impacts Self-Reported Emotional Experience
Faculty Mentor(s): Dr. Andrew Baum, Dr. Daniel Levine

President's Award ($300) - Brian Stamos (Biochemistry)
Title: Protein Biochip Technology for Medicinal Drug Discovery
Faculty Mentor(s): Roshan Perera

Undergraduate Poster Presentation

Graduate Dean's Poster Award ($50) - Ezgihan Baydar (Aerospace Engineering)
Title: Analysis of frequency spectrum of a two-layer photonic crystal
Faculty Mentor(s): Tuncay Aktosun

Provost's Poster Award ($100) - W Clemons (Chemistry)
Title: Determining Sickle Cell Anemia and Beta-Thalassemia Carriers Rapidly, Accurately, and Inexpensively with a Dual Wavelength Light Source Light Scattering Analytical Instrument
Faculty Mentor(s): Dr.Purnendu Dasgupta

President's Poster Award ($200) - Paul Pasichnyk (Biology)
Title: In field conditions, avian predators attack blue sections of a potential prey item at a higher frequency than black sections: Empirical evidence of an underlying premise of the decoy hypothesis.
Faculty Mentor(s): Charles M. Watson

Graduate Sustainability Award

Graduate Sustainability Award ($200) - Moustafa R Abou Shabana (Chemistry)
Title: Photoassisted Coal Electrolysis
Faculty Mentor(s): Prof. K. Rajeshwar

Undergraduate Sustainability Award

Undergraduate Sustainability Award ($200) - Ashley Johnson (Interior Design)
Title: Sustainability With a Shipping Container
Faculty Mentor(s): Rebecca Boles