Annual Celebration of Excellence by Students (ACES)

In spring 2007, the university ACES program awarded $3500 in prizes for the best our students had to offer. Graduate and undergraduate students from all departments submitted their papers and projects for judging by university professors, alumni, and community members. The choices were difficult because all the submissions were excellent.

The Annual Celebration of Excellence by Students (ACES) is a single day symposium that features both graduate and undergraduate research presentations, and represents a broad cross-section of disciplines and talents. Student research and work is presented as either an oral presentation within a "paper session" or in a poster display session. Submissions ranged from aerospace target trajectories to psychological studies of cell phones, and from social work on local homeless communities to anthropology studies of linear B tablets' spices in Mycenaean culture. All fields were represented, and the winners were the best of the best. Click here for a list of winners

This is an excellent opportunity for students of all levels to practice their presentation skills as well as show their best work. This showcase of our university's talent is an important draw for research funds. Graduate education is a critical driver for academic research, a crucial initial stage in the development of technologies and processes that, once commercialized, can help spur economic development, create the industries and jobs of the future, and improve national defense and homeland security. Graduate students form the university's and the nation's research workforce, helping faculty in the lab turn their ideas into useful discoveries. This experience helps graduate students become researchers in their own right who will make significant contributions after they graduate. ACES highlights UT-Arlington's commitment to student research.

For further information, please contact the ACES Coordinator, Amanda Pritchard at 817-272-2011 or by e-mail at