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Guidelines for Poster Presentations

The Guidelines page is being updated. It will be available by Friday, March 13.


The Poster Session will be held in the E. H. Hereford University Center in the Bluebonnet Ballroom on the day of ACES. Presenters must be currently enrolled at UT Arlington. Only individual students may present and receive prizes for presentations. Group poster presentations are not allowed. Presenters will be assigned a board designated with a number upon approval of the submitted abstract approximately one month after the abstract submission deadline. During judging, several judges will visit your poster and discuss your findings with you. Poster installation opens at 7:45 am. Posters may not be installed or removed during the designated judging periods.

Students presenting posters are required to be in attendance for poster judging during the designated timeframe. Please refer to the Conference Program {link to Program page} to determine judging time periods. Top poster presentations will be awarded cash prizes.


Because the ACES audience is so diverse, presenters should strive to make their work understandable by an educated, multi-disciplinary audience. Avoid technical jargon and define specialized terms. Focus on the creative and innovative aspects of your project.

The objective of your poster should be to convey your message as efficiently as possible. Distill your work to the most important points and prepare to talk for about 3-5 minutes about your work. It is recommended that you ask your faculty mentor to critique your poster in advance, and have classmates ask questions about your project.

Judges will score presentations based on the Poster Presentation Rubric. The rubric outlines 10 categories on which presentations will be scored: Accessibility, Thesis, Organization, Evidence, Conclusions, Space/layout, Clarity/Mechanics, Confidence, Engagement, and Impact

It is highly recommended that presenters refer to the rubric when developing their presentations.

Poster Size

Presenters will be assigned a board designated with a number upon approval of the submitted abstract. The poster assignments will be available approximately one month after the abstract submission deadline.

Posters should be 3 x 4 feet in dimension.

Typical format for an experimental poster in the sciences:

1. Title, Author(s), Faculty Advisor, Department
2. Abstract
3. Introduction/Purpose/Rationale
4. Methods: Subjects, protocol, instrumentation, statistical analysis
5. Results (1 page narrative, 2–4 pages of tables/graphs)
6. Summary and Conclusions

Resources for Poster Presenters

A workshop focused on effective oral presentations is offered each year. Visit to register or for more information.

> Enhancing the Effectiveness of Poster Presentations (Powerpoint (PPTX) file. Right-click and Save to download.)
> Poster Assignments

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