Annual Celebration of Excellence by Students (ACES)

Questions about PowerPoints

Are you collecting my PowerPoint presentation beforehand?

In the past, we have done this but no longer do so. The Presenter should bring their presentation with them on usb flash media. There will be a few minutes before your time begins when you can load your presentation without a time penalty. That being said, ACES runs on a very tight schedule. Because of this, we do not allow individuals to use their own laptops because of the time involved to switch from one machine to another. If you have a mitigating reason to use your own hardware, please contact ( for assistance.

Can I use another means of bringing my presentation to ACES?

You can bring your presentation on CD or Flash memory media. The laptops do not have floppy drives. The laptops have internet connections but are not logged on to the UTA domain. This can impede access if you intend to access it on your student J: drive. While not difficult, you must know how to connect to your J: drive when not connected to the UT Arlington domain. The moderator cannot help you. Time spent accessing your presentation on media outside of the laptop will count against your presentation time so please make every effort to bring it with you.

What if I used something other than PowerPoint to make my presentation?

In the past, some presenters have made a PDF file of their presentation. Adobe Acrobat Reader is installed on the laptops. The OpenOffice suite is also installed on the laptops, which can accommodate Open Docuemnt and Microsoft PowerPoint files. If you are using some other presentation software, see if it can save a PowerPoint-compatible file. If you have additional questions about this topic, please contact ( for assistance.

What version of Microsoft Office will be available?

The laptops will have the current version of Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat, running under Windows 7.

Will a remote or laser pointer be available?

Yes. There will be remotes with built-in laser pointer.

I am doing a PowerPoint but I also need other hardware.

The laptops have built-in DVD drives but the audio from the laptop is not hooked up to external speakers or to the projector in order to use its audio hardware. If you need additional hardware for your presentation time, please contact ( immediately for more assistance. ACES can provide a limited amount of additional hardware so always consider trying to provide your own. ACES will contact you if it is unable to accommodate your request. If you do have to provide your own, please contact us and let us know so that we can assist you in coordinating the installation and removal or your equipment.

Will the PowerPoint use Presenter Mode?

No, the laptops will not be preconfigured to use Presenter Mode in PowerPoint. In Presenter Mode, the projector shows the current slide while the laptop displays the current slide, notes for the current slide, and the upcoming slides. This configuration has been offered in the past but very few presenters use this feature and it is incompatible with other presentation software. Presenters should make plans to bring their notes in hard copy.

I have other questions?

Please contact ( for further assistance.