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Information for First-Time Freshmen

After You're Accepted

Next Steps?

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Details and other assorted nitty gritty.

You chose us. We chose you. And now we’re thrilled you’re about to become a Maverick. You need to do a few things at this stage before you can start living the experience.

  • Accept your Admission. Log into MyMav and accept your admission by choosing the accept/decline link in the Admission section of your Student Center.
  • Texas Senate Bill 1107 requires all students or students under the age of 22 be immunized against bacterial meningitis before they enroll in an institution of higher education. Learn more about the requirements on the meningitis vaccine frequent questions page.
  • Remember to submit your final high school transcript. We will need an official (with seal) transcript from your high school that includes your graduation date.
  • Before attending New Maverick Orientation, confirm that you meet the Texas Success Initiative requirements and are therefore not TSI liable. You can verify this by going to your student center in MyMav and clicking on the TSI Status link at the bottom of the page. If you are exempt, you can celebrate and sing and shout. If you are not exempt, ask your admission counselor what your options are prior to attending orientation so you can enroll in your classes.
  • Register for orientation. As a first-time freshman, orientation is a must. It’s also the best way to meet the students who will be sharing the experience and the faculty who will be shaping your education.
  • Pack your things. If you’re living on campus, there’s an entire list of stuff you should bring. A deposit you might have to pay. A roommate form you need to fill out.
  • Get excited. After all, this is a high-energy place. And you’re about to be a big part of that. We can’t wait. If you can’t wait either, check out our Facebook page.
  • Get ready to attend MavsMeet, the New Student Convocation that is a UTA tradition and the formal assembly commemorating the beginning of the academic year. Mav Up!