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Information for First-Time Freshmen



Domestic applicants are strongly encouraged to apply by the preferred application deadline. Application processing requires time to evaluate credentials, address Texas Success Initiative (TSI) issues and review data. Students applying after the deadline or paying the application fee after the deadline are required to pay a $60 application fee.

Please note: Submitting credentials significantly past the preferred deadline date may impede the student's eligibility to register for classes.

See minimum class rank and SAT/ACT score requirements for admission

Early Admission Program

The Early Admission Program at the University of Texas at Arlington is available to applicants who wish to begin their college education following their sophomore or junior year of high school and who have satisfied certain requirements.

All other applications are reviewed individually by the University of Texas at Arlington's Admissions Review Committee.

For more detailed information, please see the Freshman Admission section of the Undergraduate Catalog.