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Information for International Undergraduates

International Undergraduates

International Freshman Students

For admission as an international freshman student, the following requirements must be met:

  • Present completed official secondary school (high school) transcripts, diplomas, certificates, and/or national test examination scores as appropriate for the educational system in your country. All applicants must possess the equivalent of a U.S. high school graduation based upon a combined elementary and secondary pattern of twelve years with a better than average academic record.
  • International student freshmen and freshmen transfer applicants (applicants who have completed less than 30 transferable semester credits) must submit official, acceptable SAT I scores before an admission decision can be made. The minimum acceptable score for international applicants educated outside the U.S. is 900 on the old SAT I or a 980 on the redesigned SAT I (March 2016) for all majors except Engineering. The minimum SAT I score for Pre-Engineering majors is 1200 on the old SAT I or a 1270 on the redesigned SAT I (March 2016). For more information see the Admission to the College of Engineering section of the catalog. International freshman applicants educated in the U.S. must meet U.S. freshman admission standards regarding high school class rank and SAT I scores. Read more about U.S. freshman admissions standards.
  • These scores must be received before an admission decision can be made. Normally, it takes six to eight weeks after you've taken the test for UT Arlington to receive your score. Ask for your official SAT scores to be sent directly to UT Arlington from The College Board. Information on registering for the SAT I may be obtained from the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate.
  • The TOEFL test is required of all international student applicants from non-native English speaking countries. The minimum acceptable score is 550 for the paper-based test or 213 for the computer-based test or 79 on the internet-based test. Scores must be sent directly from ETS (Educational Testing Service). Please keep in mind that ETS will not release scores older than two (2) years.
  • The U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service requires that international students show proof that adequate resources are available to meet their first year of educational and living expenses, currently estimated at $35,996.00. Therefore, the Financial Statement form must be completed and returned with the indicated documentation before an I-20 can be issued. The following sections of the form must be completed: Statement of Resources, Sponsor Statement, and Bank Statement (see each individual section for appropriate substitutes). Documents may be submitted by mail or by uploading them through our online form.
  • International Students Currently Enrolled in Educational Institutions in the U.S.
    Immigration and Naturalization Service regulations require confirmation that students in the U.S. on an F-1 (student) visa must have established transfer eligibility before transfer is initiated by the new institution. Please follow the instructions on the form School Transfer Notification for F-1 Visa Holders.
  • Application Fee—a non-refundable $60.00 application fee is required by all international students. The institution code for UT-Arlington is 6013.

Once you accepted (also called admitted) to UT Arlington, you can visit the checklist for International Freshman Students.