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Information for International Undergraduates

Transcripts and Documentation

Transcripts or other academic records must be presented according to the following criteria:
  • Official transcripts or marksheets must bear the official school seal and/or original signatures of school authorities from the issuing school. Photocopies or copies attested by non-school authorities will not be considered official.
  • Certificates issued by regional or national examining boards (GCE, GCSE, SSC, HSSC, WASC, KCSE, CXC, HKCE, School leaving or other matriculation certificates) must be official certificates or official attested copies.
  • Official translations must accompany transcripts not prepared in English.
  • When an original document cannot be duplicated according to secondary school, university or examining board policy, attested copies may be substituted. Attestations must be made by the examining board/officer or designated school officials of the school attended. Copies attested by notary officials, translators or other government posts are not acceptable substitutions.
Vassilis Athitsos


Searching for Signs

Dr. Vassilis Athitsos is developing a reverse dictionary of American Sign Language that users can interface with through a computer vision system.

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