Anti-Piracy Compliance Check

In order to verify compliance with " Handbook of Operating Procedures: Subchapter 5-200 Unauthorized Copying of Computer Software" OIT will be conducting periodic random checks of software installed on UTA owned personal computers. The following is a description of the procedure OIT will follow when performing the computer software checks. One or more departments will be randomly selected for review. The department head will be notified of the visit two weeks in advance. A small percentage of the PC's from within that department will be randomly selected for inspection. Once the machines have been picked, the following procedure will be used:

  1. OIT will verify that the department has a copy of the "Acknowledgement of UTA Information Security Policy" for the given PC on file and signed by the current PC user.
  2. OIT will verify the Anti-Piracy sticker is affixed in a highly visible location on the PC.
  3. For a given PC, OIT will verify that a current software log is correctly filled out.
    An example maybe found at:
  4. OIT will verify that the software log accurately reflects the software installed on the PC.
    OIT will utilize the "Self-Check" process describe at: if possible
  5. OIT will verify that the PC user can provide proof that the software is legally installed.
    1. OIT will select one or more unique software items for this test.
    2. Items reviewed will be at OIT's discretion but will typically be software known to require a license.

The results of the inspection will be written by the OIT representative conducting the inspection and forwarded to the Assistant Vice President for Computing and Information Technology by the end of the next working day. The reports will then be forwarded to the department and the Office Of Internal Audit.

If you have any questions or comments please contact the OIT Helpdesk to request assistance. 817-272-2208 or

Lasted updated Dec 01, 2002