Software Self Check 


A software self-check allows you to record the software installed on your computer.  With this record of software, you can create a log file verifying the license compliance for your software.  It is necessary to keep this log on file and up to date as you add and/or remove software from your computer.  A blank software log sheet you can use is available at:
A sample of a filled in log sheet is located at:

A list of software OIT installs on UTA computers is available at:
For each of these software programs you can reference "UTA/OIT" as the license on your log sheet.

Following are  links to the procedures for performing the software "self-check" on the Macintosh and Windows operating systems OIT supports. 

Macintosh Procedure  (

Windows 2000/XP Procedure   (

If you encounter any problems conducting this "self-check,"  interpreting the reports generated, or any other software inventory issue, please contact the OIT Helpdesk to request assistance. 817-272-2208 or