Anti-Piracy Stickers

As a constant reminder of UTA’s commitment to proper software use, the University requires that an appropriate warning label be placed in the most visible location on every University owned computer. To accomplish this goal, the following policy has been established. The enclosed Anti-piracy stickers are to be placed at the following location on each computer.

Place the sticker on the display monitor on the top, front, center where it is clearly visible to the user of the computer (see left picture click it to zoom). On computer systems like iMacs and computers that have audio pickups on the display monitor in the above mentioned location, the sticker should be placed just to the right of the audio pickup hole.

On laptop computers, the display is usually too small to have an adequate space to place a sticker on. On computers with too small a space on the display, put the sticker on the keyboard area to the right of the cursor-tracking device (ex: trackball, touch pad, etc) in a place that is clearly visible to the user (see right picture click it to zoom). If neither of these two places is available, contact the OIT Help Desk at 2208 and a technician will assist you in the placement of the sticker.

If your computer has a dark case and the sticker cannot be read, contact OIT Help Desk and stickers with white lettering will be provided. If you need more stickers than have been provided, contact the OIT Help Desk and more stickers will be provided.