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Mathematics   ( Week 1 )
Pre-AP Math High School (Combined teachers)
Ted Gott
Target grade(s): 9-12

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Course Description

The Pre-AP Mathematics Professional Development for Middle and High School Teachers Institute will use the College Board Pre-AP developed materials (including "The AP Vertical Teams Guide for Mathematics and Statistics"; "Pre-AP Strategies in Mathematics &ndash Functions"; "Pre-AP Strategies in Mathematics &ndash Accumulation"; and "Pre-AP: Advanced Topics for Vertical Teams in Mathematics &ndash Assessments"; and "AP Calculus Course and Exam Description 2016") to feature: (1) the importance concepts, processes, practices, and skills of content that prepare all students for success in AP Mathematics; (2) pedagogical strategies that emphasize "thinking as the key to learning," and the use of multiple representations as a teaching strategy; and (3) formative assessment strategies that focus on gathering evidence about what students know and how they know it during classroom teaching, then crafting instructional strategies based on this evidence to move student learning forward.

Items to Bring

  • Graphing Calculator
  • Your course guide

Biographical Sketch for Ted Gott

Vernon "Ted" Gott Bio
Ted Gott is a certified AP Consultant with experience conducting Pre-AP and AP Calculus workshops for the College Board and as an AP Calculus reader. He retired in 2013 and has taught all levels of math at Southern High School in Harwood, Maryland for 42 years, served as the chair of the math department, and taught AP Calculus AB and BC. Ted has been a College Board consultant since 2004, delivering workshops and summer institutes in all areas of Pre-AP Math, Vertical Teams and AP Calculus around the country, and internationally, including the College Board Annual Conferences. He has a B.A. in mathematics from Washington College. Besides teaching and consulting, he enjoys going to the movies with his wife of 46 years, reading mysteries, traveling to Hawaii, and spoiling my grandchildren.


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