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undergraduate programs

The four-year Bachelor of Science in Architecture degree is a pre-professional degree. It provides the basis for various career possibilities, including the professional degree of Master of Architecture or the Master of Landscape Architecture; these advanced degrees are normally awarded after two to three years of graduate study. The four-year Bachelor of Science in Interior Design degree is an accredited professional degree.

The baccalaureate degree programs combine a core liberal arts curriculum with a structured sequence of courses in architecture and design. A large number of electives allows the student the flexibility to pursue special interests in the School and in the University. All baccalaureate degree programs consist of two two-year segments: Basic Studies and Major Studies. The first two years (Basic Studies) is a foundation curriculum taken by all undergraduates at that level in the School. In addition to work in the arts and sciences, Basic Studies includes a series of lecture and studio courses which introduce the students to the concepts, history, skills, and vocabulary of design. In the third and fourth years (Major Studies), the student concentrates in one of the design disciplines, taking courses and studios of a more advanced and professional nature. Those pursuing the Bachelor of Science in Architecture degree follow the architecture sequence. Candidates for the Bachelor of Science in Interior design take the professional course required by that program.


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