School of Architecture

architecture history minor

For students in disciplines requiring a minor, the School of Architecture offers a minor in History of Architecture. 

Students who choose to pursue the minor in History of Architecture must complete our 6 hours of core courses:

  • ARCH 2303 History of Architecture and Design I
  • ARCH 2304 History of Architecture and Design II

Upon completion of the two core classes, students must select an additional 12 hours (4 courses) from the following courses:

  • ARCH 3312 History of Contemporary Theory
  • ARCH 4305 The City of Rome
  • ARCH 4307 The Life of Cities
  • ARCH 4308 History of Urban Form
  • ARCH 4315 Topics in the History of Architecture and Design
    • This course number may be repeated under different topics
  • ARCH 4316 Modern Architecture I
  • ARCH 4317 Modern Architecture II
  • ARCH 4353 History of Landscape Architecture

Architecture and Interior Design program students may also receive a minor in History of Architecture, but they must be in the major studies portion of their program to begin these classes.