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Undergraduate Admissions into the School of Architecture at UT Arlington is for the Fall semester only.

Applicants would need to apply to UT Arlington for the Fall semester to choose architecture or interior design as their major of choice.

Please visit our “BECOMING A STUDENT” section for more information about our undergraduate programs.

Undergraduate Admissions

UT Arlington Undergraduate Admissions
Box 19114
Arlington, TX 76019-0114

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Graduate Admissions

UT Arlington Graduate Admissions
Davis Hall Rm. 333
Arlington, TX 76019
phone: 817.272.2688

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Portfolio Review

Please note that our program is design based, please include projects that shows freehand drawing and model building skills. 

UNDERGRADUATES: Please make sure to mail the department a printed copy of your portfolio and an unofficial copy of your transcript at least a week prior to your orientation date. (No CDs or Emails)

Students needing portfolio review should submit a copy of their portfolio (do not send originals) no larger than 11” x 14” to the Architecture office:

UTA School of Architecture
(Insert Advisor Name Here)
601 W. Nedderman Dr., Suite 203
Arlington, TX 76019

Any portfolio you would like returned should be accompanied with a self-addressed / postage-paid envelope.



architecture/interior design undergraduate advisors:

(for current and prospective students)

Cheryl Donaldson:

Shatavia Thomas:


Prospective students: To schedule an appointment please click here

architecture graduate advisors:
Bijan Youssefzadeh:

landscape architecture graduate advisor:
Pat Taylor:

graduate advising assistant:
AnaMaria Peredo-Manor: