School of Architecture

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As a prospective student of UT Arlington's School of Architecture, you are considering a career path in a field of study as old as human civilization itself, the examination of the spaces in which we live our lives and define ourselves as individuals and as a culture. When examined together, the fields of Architecture, Interior Design and Landscape Architecture address very real-world concerns about how we live and function in our world. At the same time, they exist and flourish as a discipline at the very highest level of artistic and asthetic expression.

The University of Texas at Arlington’s program has been recognized as one of the very finest in the nation. In January, DesignIntelligence Magazine ranked UT Arlington’s Graduate Architecture program as fifth in their listing of top schools in the South. More impressively, particularly for new students eager to find their own path, the School of Architecture was also listed as the top school in the South in the magazine’s list of Most Innovative Architecture Programs.

The UT Arlington campus is ideally situated in the center of one the region’s largest and most diverse urban areas, creating an real-world laboratory environment where the concepts being discussed in the classroom take shape all around.

As you familiarize yourself with both the campus and the area, here are some resources that you may find helpful.

undergraduate advisors

Cheryl Donaldson, Asst. Director for Academic Affairs

Shatavia Thomas, Academic Advisor II