School of Architecture


The University of Texas at Arlington’s School of Architecture places a very high priority on student advising and considers it an integral part of the university experience.

The goal of academic advisor is to assist you in forming an academic plan consistent with your educational and career goals. You are encouraged to make the most of your education and are ultimately responsible for satisfying your degree requirements.

The undergraduate program in the School of Architecture will accept the first 300 students to have completed their admissions and enrolled in the fall semesters at orientation, which is mandatory.

The Undergraduate Architecture Program consists of a series of lectures and design studios which must be taken sequentially.

The program is structured in a cohort format and will take a minimum of 8 semesters to complete for both new freshmen and transfer students. The courses are offered in specific semesters that require the students to complete the prior level before proceeding to the next level. If a student gets off-track in the cohort, she/he must wait until the missing course(s) are offered again.

Students in all portions of the undergraduate programs must contact the advisor for registration clearance every semester.


UNDERGRADUATES: Undergraduate Admissions into the School of Architecture at UT Arlington is for the Fall semester only.

Applicants would need to apply to UT Arlington for the Fall semester to choose architecture or interior design as their major of choice.

Please visit our “BECOMING A STUDENT” section for more information about our undergraduate programs.

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