School of Architecture

advising staff

Architecture and Interior Design undergraduate advisors: Cheryl Donaldson and Shatavia Thomas

Architecture graduate advisor: Bijan Youssefzadeh

Landscape Architecture graduate advisor: Pat Taylor

Graduate advising assistant: Ana-Maria Peredo-Manor


UNDERGRADUATES: Please send an email to to receive information about the School of Architecture.

GRADUATES: To schedule an appointment, click here


Portfolios are only needed if a student has previously attended another architecture program and want to see if any courses can be used or if they are applying to the Path-B Masters program.

Students needing portfolio review should submit a copy of their portfolio (do not send originals) no larger than 9” x 12” in a binder to the Architecture office:

UTA School of Architecture
(Insert Advisor's Name Here)
601 W. Nedderman Dr., Suite 203
Arlington, TX 76019

Any portfolio you would like returned should be accompanied with a self-addressed / postage-paid envelope.