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douglas klahr

Douglas  Klahr

Associate Professor of Architecture

Office: ARCH 423, E-mail:, Phone: 817.272.2801


B.A., Brown University
M.A., University of Virginia
Ph.D., Brown University

“The Elusive Challenge of Photographing Urban Spaces: Nineteenth Century Berlin as Exemplar.”  In  Documenting History, Charting Progress, and Exploring the World: Architecture in Nineteenth Century Photographs, edited by Micheline Nilsen (London: Ashgate Press, 2013).
“Heroic Maneuvers in a Straitjacket,” Guest Editorial, E-Architect Newsletter 160, 26 June 2012.
“Vertigo as Subtext: Ambiguity, Vulnerability and Risk in a Home,” Guest Editorial, E-Architect Newsletter 151, 24 April 2012.
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“Was ist, wozu dient ein Berliner Zimmer?  Das störrische Beharren der Kurfürstendamm-Bewohner,” in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 4 January 2001.  

College Art Association 100th Annual Conference, Los Angeles, 2012: “Urban Space as a Visual-Haptic Experience: Stereoscopic Views of German Cities, 1880-1910”
Southeastern College Art Conference, Savannah, November 2011: “The Carnegie Library Phenomenon: Civic Spaces Produced by Corporate Patronage”
Association for Integrative Studies Annual Conference, San Diego, October 2010: “Sustainability for Everyone: Trespassing Disciplinary Boundaries”
Nineteenth Century Studies Association Annual Conference, Miami, April 2008: “Political Satire in the Cartoon and Caricatures of Kladderadatsch during Wartime”
Renaissance Society of America Annual Conference, Miami, March 2007: “Court Space, Common Space, and Schlosstopographie: The Creation of Unter den Linden” • Presentation of research about the origins and dynastic context of Berlin’s major boulevard.
Humboldt Universität, Berlin, July 2006: “Verstossen gegen Richtlinien der UNESCO in Bezug auf die Berliner Museumsinsel”
The Tate Modern, London, January 2005: “Heaven and Earth, King and Emperor: Dualities of Prussian-German Rulership in Visual Culture,” at Heaven and Earth, An Interdisciplinary Conference in Collaboration with the London Consortium and the Goethe-Institut London.
University of Glasgow, April 2004: “Munich as Second City: The Museum as a Prism of History,” at Second Cities: An Interdisciplinary Symposium.
Gesellschaft Historisches Berlin, June 2003: “Kaiserbauten in Berlin – Wilhelm II. baut in Mitte.”  • Architectural, political and legal ramifications of a building project analyzed in dissertation.
European Association of Urban Historians Annual Conference, Berlin, August 2000: “Hotels as Determinants of Public Behavior in Wilhelmine Berlin,” at European Cities: Crossroads and Networks.
German Historical Institute Annual Conference, Washington, March 2000: “Hotels as Public Spaces in Berlin and Washington,” at Berlin-Washington, 1800-2000: Capital Cities, Cultural Representation, and National Identities.
École d’Architecture de Versailles, Paris, June 1999: “Social and Political Aspects of Street Development in Paris during the July Monarchy,” at Modernity before Haussmann: Forms of Urban Space in Paris 1801-1853.   

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