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center for metropolitan density


Michael Buckley, FAIA - Director

Taner R. Özdil, Ph.D., ASLA - Associate Director for Research

The Center for Metropolitan Density builds on the UT Arlington School of Architecture’s involvement with Vision North Texas (in collaboration with the Urban Land Institute and the North Central Texas Council of Governments), addressing the challenges of sustainable development in the 21st century. 

With the population of North Texas projected to double to 12 million by 2050, the challenge for Metroplex leaders will be to preserve a quality of life and a competitive business environment while engaging in sustainable development. The current trend of urban and suburban sprawl is not sustainable, and yet the benefits and challenges of metropolitan density have not been well-debated or well-defined. 

The Center for Metropolitan Density addresses the key issues in sustainability by engaging the community in research, education, and consulting. Because no such research center exists in Texas or within any other university system, The Center for Metropolitan Density will have an immediate impact. Establishing The Center in the heart of the Dallas-Fort Worth region, at the only school of architecture in North Texas, means the entire Metroplex can participate in and benefit from The Center’s work. Since the sprawl in this region is representative of forces acting across the globe, the knowledge gained locally can be exported worldwide. 

Selected CfMD Advisory Board Member Quotes

KEITH CARGIL, PRES/CEO - Texas Capital Bank Share

"For Urban Development, financial markets reward initiative but require order and transparency within investment environments. Research in higher density impacts may influence larger density investment, supporting UTA CfMD's mission to quantify linkages between density and social and economic benefits."

KAREN WALZ, PRINCIPAL - Strategic Community Solutions

"As one of the principals charged with the organizing efforts to create the Vision North Texas Plan, which tooka new look at the impact of continued growth in the region, we recognized most communities raised issues of Density, Architectural Scale and Community Image, whose solution are sure to be critical success factors."


"Density Affords Solutions. The Density of Downtown Dallas's core has created an Affordable and Logistical place to locate HKS Inc.'s headquarters. Our new location has made our commitment to sustainability possible by providing our employees accessibility to lite rail and affordable food options in walking distance."


"Much of our practice at JHP is focused on high density urban and suburban Mixed-Use projects. As one of the originators of the UTA CfMD Advanced Design Studio, I am particularly pleased to see progress made in Urban Design, applied Financial Feasibility, and testing for prototype Urban Infill solutions."

ANDY TAFT, PRESIDENT - Downtown Fort Worth, Inc.

"The urban center of Fort Worth has embraced dense, walkable environments. While suburban density is a challenge, compact and well-designed places in the urban – and urbane– city center are in high demand. The UTA CfMD Advanced Studio's Vision Plans conceived for several areas of Fort Worth should inspire the quality dense environments envisioned in our 10 year plan."


"Demographic trends show young professionals delaying both marriage and families, generating strong demand for active urban environments with more walkable and higher-density districts. Many new urban pockets across the country that focus on life/work balance are experiencing active growth in multifamily, office, and retail sectors."