Department Calculation of Credit and Time

The calculation of Undergraduate and Graduate credit at the University of Texas at Arlington consistently accords to the published credit policies and is in compliance with NASAD standards.

Credit for MFA studio courses within the Department of Art and Art History are calculated using the following which is compliant with NASAD standards formula; (1) a semester hour of credit represents at least three hours of work each week, on average, for a period of fifteen to sixteen weeks. Graduate credit is earned only when curricular, competency, and all other requirements are met and the final examination or equivalent is satisfactorily passed.

In lecture/discussion courses requiring outside preparation, one hour of credit represents one hour each week of the term in class, and two hours of work outside class. In studio/laboratory courses, one hour of credit represents three hours of studio/laboratory time and space each week of the term: normally, studio classes led by an instructor meet for a minimum of 1.5 hours per week for each credit granted, and more often than not, for two hours per week; the remaining time is for studio/laboratory class preparation. In all cases, faculty contact is sufficient to ensure the development of knowledge and skills required by each course.

In the case of abbreviated time periods (Intersession courses), or in independent study, students acquire levels of knowledge, competence, and understanding comparable to that expected of students completing work in the standard time period. In order to earn one hour of credit during an Intersession courses, Undergraduate and Graduate students attend approximately the same number of class hours and make the same amount of preparation as they would in attending a three-hour-per-week course for oneterm during the regular academic year.