Tore Terrasi

Tore Terrasi

Tore Terrasi

Associate Professor & Area Coordinator
M.F.A., University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

"The constant interplay between word and image, word as image, and image implying word has yielded especially fertile ground for my research and serves as the common thread connecting all my creative activity. My ambitions as a communicator are to reconsider the conventions through which we experience texts and images by way of exploring the simultaneously independent and interdependent nature of their relationship.

My work serves as a platform by which a semiotic/art hybrid approach looks to both de-familiarize our experiences with words, images, design, materiality, media, and technique (while playing against the familiarity of those very things) and in doing so, open a plurality of meaning and interpretation.

Additionally my artwork hybridizes digital process with analogue process and requires a high level of technical innovation. The resulting works often categorize loosely with that of video, animation, photography, and typography yet they are not distinctly typical of these independent disciplines.”

Tore Terrasi received a Masters of Fine Arts in Visual Design from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and his work has been nationally and internationally exhibited and published. He also presents his creative research at a variety of nationally recognized conferences. Prior to joining the faculty at the University of Texas at Arlington, Terrasi held positions at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, Bridgewater State University, Rhode Island College, Lasell College, Emmanuel College, and the Community College of Rhode Island, teaching a wide range of courses in graphic design, typography, digital art, animation, and foundations.


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