Graduate Student Profile

Student Bio

Alison is a graduate candidate in the Intermedia Studio Program at the University of Texas at Arlington. Human nature/behavior, interactions, and private thoughts inspire her work; much of which is autobiographical. Her current body of work includes writing and performing both live and in video presentations. 

She has exhibited widely in Michigan, New York, and throughout Northern Texas and most recently attended the Taller Portobelo Interdisciplinary Summer Art Colony in Panama, where she staged several performances of her work. She is also the co-founder of PerformanceSW, a project in support of the proliferation of performance art outside of the American mainstream discourse.

Artist Statement

and then

arrival sneaks up on you


the knowing aches


acting on that kind of whim

telling all

before broken beckons the last one of us underneath each shape


life speaks up and out

regarding none but every one she spoke of

now weightless

seeking the breath beyond mention

trapped , and yet

lids, weighted

dream indulge



someone else