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Billi London-Gray

Billi London-Gray


Student Bio

After growing up in Wylie, Texas, I earned a B.A. in theology from Criswell College in Dallas and an M.A. in liberal arts from St. John’s College in Annapolis, Maryland. Since 2011, Daniel Bernard Gray and I have co-directed Zosima Gallery, originally an art space in San Marcos, Texas, and now an itinerant curatorial project. I have shared my work in exhibitions and public spaces throughout the United States and internationally. I've been a teacher, nanny, news reporter, writer, editor, IRS numberer, barista, backpacker, office manager, photographer, and social media coordinator. Never settling, ever wandering. Art is the edgeless umbrella under which my many interests meet and flourish.

Artist Statement

I make drawings, prints, videos, photographs, poetry, sculptures, performances, events, and installations. My general focus is the exploration of rules, systems, and personal interactions. Aesthetically I favor real-life humans, extended time, play, floral and sunset colors, fibrous and earthy textures, negative space, and delicate lines. My work is driven by conversations and reading, experiences of pain and shame, a desire to show empathy and share joy, and a sense of wonder. I have trouble summarizing what my work is essentially about, because to say it’s about being human is both profoundly true to me and mostly vague to an audience. But I believe art — with its manifold definitions and broad inclusivity — is the category of expression most capable of dealing with the preverbal, sublime, and bewildering experiences of life.