Graduate Student Profile

Morgan Chivers

Morgan Chivers

San Jose State University

Student Bio

Immediately after Morgan Chivers completed four simultaneous degrees at San Jose State University (BA in History, BA in Global Studies, BFA in Photography, and BFA in Spatial Arts), he began his candidacy for the MFA in Glass from the University of Texas at Arlington. His approach to the world is inherently cross-disciplinary, and the lusts for knowledge and context drive his life.

Artist Statement

The human mind is simply too mired in ancient patterns of tribal survivalism to fully grasp the nature of the universe. We are tethered to our planet’s locality in the system, and we have barely begun to be able to see our neighbors. Thankfully, we have been fascinated by contemplations of time, space, mortality, and notions of the immortal from time immemorial. I am biologically undistinguished from the hundreds of thousands of generations that have preceded my existence. My mind, however, operates completely differently from my ancestors’ brain activities; the current culture that has grown from the technological observability of the universe has formed my consciousness, and I am excited to exist at a moment of such potent transition.