Graduate Student Profile

Jean Fernandes

Jean Fernandes

San Jose State University

Student Bio

Jean Fernandes was born in Bangalore, India and currently lives, works and is pursuing her MFA in Arlington, Texas. She was introduced to glass while earning her BA in design at San Jose State University in California but continues to work in many different mediums. She has studied glass at a number of facilities including the Pilchuck Glass School, the Bay Area Glass Institute, and the Pittsburgh Glass Center.

Artist Statement

My current body of work deals with interaction. I am curious about how things and people influence, affect and interact with each other. I find myself contemplating how or why a person can experience a change in their average day based on the occurrence of a unique and unusual event. Or how a life can completely change for the better or worse based on a single decision. On a more personal level, this idea represents how things that have happened to me have changed the person I grew up to be. I often wonder who my alternative self would have been had I not grown up experiencing or being exposed to certain things. Nothing exists without being affected by something else and it is these ideas that have led me to utilize the medium of glass to explore what interaction means to me.