Graduate Student Profile

Ryan Britton

Ryan Britton

Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Student Bio


Born in Newton Illinois with a bachelors degree from Southern Illinois Carbondale, Ryan Britton has worked with film and video for nearly 14 years.  His infatuation with movie making derives from the ability to work with multiple mediums that collectively create an experience that can be relived and reviewed by the audience; thus, he is most fond with Directing talent as well as Production Design and Art Direction.  His most recent short is about a young glass artist battling sexual differences when living under a Christian roof.

Artist Statement


I only hope that my films contest the way communities respond to one another.  My concentration in Directing, Sound Design, and Art Direction helps me to mold scenes that encourage audiences to rethink popular beliefs, traditions, and prefrences.  Most of the films I make stem from religious views and the human experience.