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Seth Victorious

Seth Victorious


Student Bio

I was born to Bruce Lawrence and Angela Lambert on October 31, 1987 in Oak Cliff, Texas. I spent the beginning of my childhood moving around until I landed in Midlothian, Tx where I spent my life from fifth grade to the age of twenty.

I dabbled in drawing and oil painting as a child and teenager; copying Norman Rockwell paintings and painting like Picasso. But I wasn’t driven to be an artist until I was twenty, had my first child and my brain had decided to be a carpenter for the rest of my life. This life style didn’t go over well and my spirit pushed me to make art. So I did. I made images that were from my sub-conscious; these images spoke directly to me, about me and why I was unhappy.

It was almost like a riddle, but I figured it out. I had to change my path. So I did.

I quit my job, moved in with my grandparents and went back to school to be an artist.

Now I live in Arlington and have a BFA in studio art with a concentration in watercolor. I am attending UTA as a MFA candidate in Studio Intermedia.

(taken from Seth's site)

Artist Statement

My objective in art making is to express a visual metaphor or analogy for the subconscious self and the various ways in which it descends into our conscious self (physical reality) from inspiration all the way to depression. My point ultimately is to show a reflection of the self so that the self has an opportunity to analytically examine, i.e. introspection. Part of my work directly communicates my personal unconscious and part is more objective and communicates different topics within transpersonal psychology. Neither of which are much different in visual terms, just conceptual.