Students in the Packaging and 3D CAD courses in the VC area are introduced to a curriculum that focuses on packaging structure design, materials, performance, testing and sustainability. The curriculum is integrated within the new Corrugated Prototype Design and CAD Production Lab (CORRPRO) at UTA. The lab, which was made possible through a partnership with the International Corrugated Packaging Foundation (ICPF), provides students with the structural design software, materials and a computer-aided design table to produce significant packaging solutions for use in the marketplace.

Throughout each semester, students work as individuals and collaborate in teams to develop innovative solutions to real-world packaging issues. Assigned problems in the course include the design and construction of a retail floor stand display, food & beverage shipper and retail shelf display. These dimensional product and packaging solutions explore the relationship between conceptual thinking, structural design, brand development and consumer behavior.

In addition, students receive valuable instruction from local and regional packaging professionals. Training includes a mixture of guest lectures, panel discussions, software demonstrations and facility tours by packaging business leaders in the DFW area. This partnership between industry and education allows students to engage in meaningful discussions and prepare for full-time employment upon graduation.