Entrepreneurship in the Arts

Entrepreneurship in the Arts is a program within the Art + Art History department developed and launched in 2012. Its mission is to ignite the entrepreneurial spirit through the development of an individualized foundation, knowledge base, and skillset that will help students navigate their creative careers.

The program is unique in its approach as it equips students with an entrepreneurial mindset that will give them an edge in their creative pursuits. Throughout the semester, students learn business planning, development, and implementation from local entrepreneurs, marketing experts, lawyers, bankers, and artists.

Through personal pitches, website development, mission statements, SWOT analysis, feasibility studies, marketing plans, press releases, and funding methods, students develop a thorough business plan that is presented for analysis at the end of the semester.

For more information regarding the entrepreneurship program, contact Matthew Clark at 817.272.2891 or matthewclark@uta.edu.