Entrepreneurship: Studio CreaTec Challenge

The Studio Createc Challenge, initiated by The Art and Art History Department, is a idea competition established in order to encourage and develop creativity, ideation, and collaboration among the various departments and colleges at UTA. As our cultural, technological and business environments are more interconnected than ever, The Studio Createc Challenge calls for innovative, interdisciplinary student teams to create and develop ventures responding to this new landscape. Over $10,000 in cash prizes and start-up resources will be provided to teams with viable solutions and sustainable ideas that successfully address the intersection of culture, business, and technology today.

  • Mission
  • collaborate, create, inform, share, expand
  • Goals
  • increase innovation, ideation, collaboration across the university
  • create an environment that rewards cross disciplinary teamwork
  • provide funding, mentorship, networking, and other resources to help accelerate an idea into a start-up
  • create and develop solutions that have a meaningful impact on our environment, our community, and our health
  • About
  • a competition awarding cash prize, startup support and mentoring for viable ideas that addresses the intersection of culture, business and technology
  • campus wide competition to encourage cross disciplinary collaboration resulting in creative, innovative ideas that have potential commercial value, impact, and sustainability
  • a start-up competition that guides student concepts from ideas to fundable business models.
  • Outcomes
  • create environment that fosters cross disciplinary interaction
  • elevate visibility of creativity and innovation by UTA students
  • enhance entrepreneurial opportunities for students
  • Prizes
  • over $10,000 in cash and prizes, including; launch package with Tech FW, workshops, support services, mentorship, assistance in prototyping, website development, pr, design and identity expertise

Mark Your Calendar
Important dates = announcement-build-competition-finalists-award

November 20 Information sessions/meet and greet/development of teams. (Startup Lounge 12-2)
January 29 Information sessions/meet and greet/development of teams. (Startup Lounge 12-2)
February 2 Ideation, collaboration and project management workshop. (Library Atrium 12-2)
February 12 Workshop: developing a business model. (Library Atrium 12-2)
February 19 Workshop: executive summary. (Central Library Parlor 12-2)
February 26 Workshop: video pitching. (Location TBD 12-2)
March 4 One-on-one. (Location TBD 12-2)
March 11 Last day to submit proposals
March 25 Finalists announced
April 1 Workshop for Finalists. (Start-up Lounge 12-2)
April 8 Workshop for Finalists. (Start-up Lounge 12-2)
April 29 Finalist presentation. (Start-up Lounge 12-2)

Competition format = First round = executive summary plus 2 minute video pitch submitted via Slideroom Second round = formal slide presentation to panel of judges


I have a great idea, how can I find a team?
We will be having events(information session, meet and greet, speed dating) to help students find synergy, knowledge bases, and necessary skillsets in order to develop their teams.

Some teams are entering ideas they've already begun to develop, and my team is starting from scratch. Do they have an advantage?
There will be opportunities for you to receive advice, help, and feedback to help further develop and refine your idea.

What criteria will the Judging Committee use?
Judges will look at the market size and opportunity, quality of product or service, competitive positioning, team makeup and passion to assess.

Does my idea have to be for profit?
Yes. This is a venture competition

I am a UTA Alumnus, can I apply?
No, this year we are limiting applications to UTA undergrad and grad students only

Does UTA own the intellectual property (IP) associated with my proposal?
No, The IP will belong to students who create and submit ideas.

Eligibility, Rules and Guidelines

  • any grad or undergrad enrolled full time at UTA
  • for this competition, each interdisciplinary team must identify at least three distinct member roles; teams might include artist/designer, business, and engineer
  • teams of at least 3 that must include at least one art major
  • each team must designate one person responsible for communication throughout the competition
  • all team members must be present for competition
  • designed with an emphasis on new ideas


Selection Criteria

  • feasibility of business model
  • market size, opportunity, and competitive positioning
  • team qualifications
  • overall feasibility of venture

Proposals for entry = components of executive summary + 2 minute video pitch

  • Team Name
  • The following for each student participating in the group:
    Name, Major and Email.
  • Executive summary (attach)*
  • A 2-minute elevator pitch video (attach)
  • (* = see below)
  • All of these are due March 11, 2016.
The selection criteria will include:
  • Value proposition
  • Quality of the product, service, or solution
  • Market size, opportunity, and competitive positioning
  • Team qualifications
  • Overall feasibility of venture
*Include the following in your executive summary/overview (2 pages max):
  1. One-sentence summary of your idea(pitch)
  2. Problem/opportunity –pain you are alleviating or pleasure you are providing
  3. value proposition –explain pain/pleasure
  4. Underlying Magic –explain technology, magic, or secret sauce behind your product
  5. Business model – explain who has your $ and how you are going to get it into your pocket
  6. Go-to-Marktet Plan –how you will reach your customer
  7. Competitive environment –view of competitive landscape

Finalist presentations =10 minute presentation of 12 slides(pitch deck) plus 10 minute question from judges

  1. Introduction
  2. Team
  3. Problem
  4. Advantage
  5. Solution
  6. Product
  7. Traction
  8. Market
  9. Competition
  10. Business Model
  11. Investing
  12. Contact

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