Studio Create©


The Creative Technology Studio will prepare the next generation of artists, designers, entrepreneurs, and technology practitioners for the future. The program is focused on the intersection of the creative arts, technology, entrepreneurship, and learning. The mission of the studio is to conduct and apply trans-disciplinary, collaborative research and creative activity to enhance client need and individual research. The outcomes promote students’ critical and creative thinking skills to improve learning, performance and developing traits of entrepreneurship, with a special focus on students studying art certification, gaming for education and entertainment, design communication, animation and emerging media.

The BFA and MFA students in visual communication, intermedia, filmmaking, gaming, and animation will take full advantage of Studio: CreaTe©. The Department of Art + Art History’s digital media track currently offers undergraduate students real-world experience designing video games, building virtual environments, creating with film/hd video, using animation tools and creating iPhone and iPad apps as part of their work for clients such as Dallas Opera, Sid Richardson Museum, and the Dallas Contemporary Museum of Art.

DMT students will be placed into the new Studio: CreaTe© teams to collaborate on advanced client projects. Individuals in our program realize that computers, mobile phones, and household environments are connected with advanced, high speed networks. Many of us are connected through a dynamic web of social networks, interactive platforms, and communication forums that allow us to more fully express our points of view. This enables us to collaborate at a very high level.

Studio: CreaTe© will provide a level of collaboration that allows students to successfully research new forms of technology in a studio-based learning environment. This studio and collaborative system is an important structure that will help students discover how to use technology to make a viable impact on the creative arena they choose. The creative arts, technology, and entrepreneurship studies will provide statewide and national leadership in research by blending arts and technology, building collaborations with educators, business, non profit organizations, and interested experts.

The idea is to take learning beyond the classroom to prepare students for the 21st century workplace. The studio will contribute significantly to new knowledge, the participant’s intellectual development and will enhance creative and critical thinking that will have an economic and cultural impact on north Texas and its communities. This new curriculum and studio has been designed for the creative and inquisitive mind.

Our goals include:

  • Learning: positively impact student retention (at all levels PK-16), enhance creativity, sharpen critical thinking skills, and improve academic performance through the creation and dissemination of cutting edge materials and tools. Fostering critical thinking and problem solving among future teachers to increase their engagement in the education system development process.
  • Engagement: spark collaboration among faculty, artist, educators, business leaders, community, and students in a creative studio/laboratory environment that inspires discovery/acquisition of new knowledge concerning art, technology and learning.
  • Discovery: nurture interdisciplinary collaboration and research, serve as an accelerator for exploration of new knowledge using art and technology, and enable the creation of both virtual, interactive, and material based artistic practice to be shared within museums, schools, businesses, and the general public.

Robert Hower, department chair, director of Studio: CreaTe© and the MFA program, has assembled a team of top educators and innovators in their fields as program mentors.