Securing An Internship

How to Secure an Internship


  • You will need to review the internship requirements and forms found here.
  • Determine whether you qualify for an internship. (3.0 art GPA and completion of 12 credit hours of 3000+ level studio art courses)
  • Locate a faculty sponsor. (You must have faculty approval and support)


Research. You will need to know what type of career you are interested in pursuing or exploring. It is important to target certain local organizations.
Network. This is perhaps the most important.  Contacts in your desired field are essential. They can help you find a job, connect you with other people, and serve as a reference. Network as much and as often as you can.
Contact.  Once you have located potential organizations, companies, or individuals for an internship, you will need to contact them. Send them an email and suggest setting up an informational interview, state your intentions, and ask for advice.
Interview.  You will need to dress professionally, speak intelligently, and come prepared. Know information about the place where you are interviewing. Have questions. Sell yourself. Practice beforehand.
Follow—up.  Communication skills are imperative. This shows a degree of professionalism and commitment (2 characteristics employers look for).
Acceptance.  Ensure that all expectations from both sides are discussed and agreed upon. Then go celebrate.
Paperwork.  Complete all paperwork and submit to art office at least two weeks prior to first day of semester that internship begins.


All VC, photo, and film portfolios require review and refinement with area faculty before interview process.