MFA : Film & Video Art


The MFA in Film, Video and Digital Media at the University of Texas at Arlington is designed to cultivate artists working in the areas of creating, writing and directing for film, video, and other digital motion media. Our unique program provides theoretical mentoring and a base in practical skills necessary to develop well rounded filmmakers and media artists.

The MFA is a 60 credit hour program emphasizing producing and direction for film and video. The program offers opportunities to further refine their direction (narrative, experimental, installation, and documentary works) in corporation with their faculty mentor and thesis committee. MFA candidates are required to complete a studio or screenplay thesis portfolio. For this project we encourage students to explore the feature film form, substantial documentary or significant experimental artworks based upon film and digital media.

It is assumed that applicants to the MFA program in Film and Digital Media already possess a reasonable command of the appropriate media technology and have written and directed work at the undergraduate level. However it is possible that an applicant without some of these skills could be accepted based upon a favorable portfolio review, but would be directed through a series of additional classes to strengthen the candidates production skills while simultaneously developing with their colleagues as Filmmakers.

Our program is fortunate to have a very accomplished, experienced and eclectic faculty to better meet unique challenges in the evolution of the media and to be able to offer program directions unavailable elsewhere. The Dallas/Fort Worth area contributes a wide array of support through its extensive film community, studios, labs, thriving art house cinemas, film festivals and professional media arts organizations.

Like every other Film program, we encourage candidates to tour our state-of-the-art digital Film and Video editing facilities and meet with our students and faculty. However, unlike other Film programs it is our people, sense of community, openness and support for the student artist that will give you the best sense of who we are... and why you will want to join us.

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  • + Film Video production Classroom/Lab/Screening
  • + 1 screenwriting Classroom/Conference Room/Lab
  • + Production studios
  • + Digital Cinema lab with 15 stations
  • + Avid Pro, Photoshop, Flash, After Effects, Maya, Lightwave
  • + 1 sound booth for Foley, ADR & 5.1 Dolby mixing (Pro Logic)
  • + Equipment checkout room
  • + Final Cut Pro studio
  • + 150 seat screening theatre for film study classes