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2012 MFA Summer Exhibition


The work in the 2012 MFA Summer Exhibition originates from a diverse group of artists, all moving towards different conceptual and professional trajectories, yet intimately networked in this exceptional show.  Visitors are presented with an obvious interplay between diverse media that lives in the present tense of while conferring with notions of memory, time, relationships, and movement. The exhibition is indicative of the MFA program as it dissolves an attachment to any particular form or movement. Instead, the work in the show mediates an encounter between idea, discourse and raw human emotion.

Artists exhibition are: Janet Morrow, Kate Helmes, Syd Web, Hannah Hudson, Jeff Gibbons, Helen Schenck, Elizabeth English, Jackson Echols, Shaban Al-Refi, Ryan Britton, Neal Paustain, Alison White, Morgan Chivers, Jean Fernandes, Glady Chow, Matt Heller, Corey Gossett, Kight Haberer, Elisha Burley, Jesse England, and Caleb Dulock.

The 2012 MFA Summer Exhibition is on view in the Gallery at UTA. For more information please contact us at 817.272.2891 for gallery hours and additional information.