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Adjunct Professor Justin Ginsberg: Achievements in 2012

Solo Exhibition - PEEL Gallery Houston TX

Glass Calligraphy: A Study of Motion and Gesture

5/12/2012- 6/15/2012


PEEL Gallery in Houston Texas was host to Justin Ginsberg's first Solo Exhibition in March of 2012. While considering the relevance and functionality of glass throughout history, Justin is drawn to the material's ability to adapt to the needs of its society. From adornment in jewelry, to vessels, to windows, and more, glass persists as a material and medium. In more recent times, incredibly, glass has become the conveyer of information through vast networks of fiber optic cables. Understanding that light and glass have become central for modern communication, Justin explores the metaphorical and literal understandings of these principles within his work, all beginning with a single hand made fiber of glass.  

His installations are created from hundreds of hand made strands of crystal, celebrating the idea that light and glass are now essential for the transmission of information. The fibrous choreographed marks that often linguistically overlap descriptions of dance and performance, give homage to traditional gesture and mark making, by celebrating the stylistic qualities of calligraphy and written language, yet he composes them in way that relates to modern principles of communication. One can imagine the necessary action to create the motion, recognizing that the mark not only compromises the physical echo, but the suggested motion needed to make it.

Justin concludes that with an understanding that much of our modern systems rely on glass fibers and their ability to transmit light, we must also accept the fragility of these vast networks of lattices. "By using the material in such a deceptive and unique manner I create visual tension between graphically composed glass and the illusion it creates- gestures of light. The work forces viewers to confront their own vulnerability, recognizing that every moment is inherently fleeting. "


Papercity Houston

Blurring the Line Between Art & Design : Fiber King Gabriel Dawe and Man of Glass Justin Ginsberg

Septemeber 2012

This is the future we were promised and the power of installation art. Floor-to-ceiling Gütermann thread, anyone? Or a 12-foot strand of silica? Glass. Thread. Thread and glass. Even five years ago, you wouldn’t be reading these words in an article about the hottest up-and-comers from the current gallery season. With the exception of a few big-name breakaways such as Dale Chihuly or the Gees Bend quilting ladies, contemporary creators who explored traditional craft media were relegated to nonprofit spaces (albeit respected ones) that solely showcased works in fiber, glass, metal, wood and clay. Or they were entrenched in narrowly defined museum departments of design and decorative art, like a spider ensnared in a web spun by materials, not message.

All that has changed irrevocably now. What’s the evidence? Witness this Texas-based duo: Gabriel Dawe and Justin Ginsberg, two artists who live and work in Dallas and whose ambitious, game-changing media has spread, both literally and metaphorically, where few working in yarn or glass have gone before.

A&E's Storage Wars Texas includes interview with Ginsberg

Justin Ginsberg, adjunct professor in UT Arlington's Art and Art History Department, was featured on the A&E show, Storage Wars Texas. Ginsberg, who teaches in the glass program at UT Arlington, assessed what some glass was worth that storage room salvagers had purchased. Future airings of the episode can be seen at 10 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 8, 2 a.m. Sunday, Sept. 9, and 8:30 p.m. Friday, Sept. 14. All times are central standard time.