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Art Review: Sedrick Huckaby’s ‘Big Mama’ and family at Valley House Gallery

Professor Sedrick Huckaby at the Valley House gallery.


Huckaby is one of the few major artists of color in Dallas-Fort Worth who is actually from here. He “got out of Dodge” first to Boston University, then to the most prestigious graduate school of art in the country, at Yale University, where he earned his Master of Fine Arts in 1999.

But unlike his fellow graduate students at Yale, most of whom entered the seething, competitive art worlds of New York or Los Angeles, Huckaby moved back to Fort Worth to spend time with the matriarch of his family, Hallie Beatrice Welcome Carpenter (1923-2008), known as “Big Mama,” to start a family of his own and to become an artist.

Today, he lives in south Fort Worth just a short drive from Big Mama’s house. The Valley House exhibition, “Everyday Glory,” includes more than 250 works completed there in the past year, an extraordinary output in anyone’s book. It is another chapter in a pictorial life teeming with humanity.


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