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Art students featured in University College Gallery

Selections have been framed and hung in the University College Gallery for the 2012 Spring-Summer Art Student Exhibition. The pieces can be found in the University College on the second and third floors and feature pieces from Painting, Photography, Drawing, Visual Communications, and Printmaking. The exhibition is viewable Monday – Friday 9am-5pm to the public. Stop in and check out some unique works of art.


·         Angela Holdman

·         Jan Chin

·         Katie Gabriel

·         Alexa Alarcon

·         Heather Braman


·         Kerry Butcher

·         John Crouch

·         Priscilla Ruiz

·         Joel Constantine

·         Leanne Johnson

·         Jennifer Lynn Butler

·         Leanne Johnson

·         Jennifer Lynn Butler


·         Andrea Nocross

·         Alan Linnstaedt

·         Vincent Sandoval

Visual Communications

·         Josue Olivas

·         Jonathan Chapman

·         Carlos Ortega

·         Cosme Olivas

·         Jordan Hough


·         Rebecca Aragon

·         Bryan Cleghorn

·         Brittany Crawford

·         Roxana Jimenez

·         Daniel Miller

·         Paul Nilrach

·         Jan Sims