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Assistant Professor Ben Dolezal in Posterheroes Third Edition


Assistant Professor Ben Dolezal had work selected to be in the third edition of the Posterheroes series. This international competition features 40 posters (10 posters in 4 different categories). The winners were selected from 879 posters that were submitted from designers in 59 different countries. There is a short video presentation on the Posterheroes website that features all of the winning entries.

A project brief that explains the purpose of the Posterheroes Project:

The Smart City project is certainly one of the most debated issues of the current historical period. Political programs, conventions, workshops, newspaper articles and magazines declaim and call for the arrival of Smart Cities and plead for a collective conscience with the objective of developing urban areas towards a new housing and participative model.

Changes in the history of urbanization are attributed to great discoveries, to the invention of new machines and technologies, which, at times with arrogance, intervene upon the social context to respond to temporary demands. Our cities must become places of improvement and optimization of resources: expression of new attitudes and ideal habitat for a positive social contagion. They will not change their aspect. They will be the same cities as before, but renewed. Accessible. Free. Clean. Transparent.


Evolution is the key word. The path that leads to Smart Cities must necessarily be evolutionary and nature is the demonstration of it: efficacy depends on time, participation and integration in a qualifying ecosystem. This is the kind of evolution we propose. It is an evolution belonging to us; a participatory, open and accessible evolution. We call it transparent evolution.