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Members of the International Corrugated Packaging Foundation (ICPF), The University of Texas at Arlington, the Department of Art and Art History, corporate partners and guests will be on-hand Tuesday, Oct. 28, to dedicate the new Corrugated Prototype Design and CAD Production Lab.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony, slated for 11 a.m., will be in the Fine Arts Building, Room 155.

The new workspace was made possible through a major, in-kind gift of state-of-the art production equipment and structural design software acquired and provided through ICPF.

The packaging and design lab will integrate corrugated and structural curriculum into the Visual Communication program in the Department of Art and Art History. The lab includes ICPF’s online corrugated curricula, a Data Tech computer-aided design table donated by ICPF corporate partner Vanguard Packaging, and Esko-donated design software.

Robert Hower, professor and chair of the Department of Art and Art History, said the new partnership aligns closely with the Department’s growth and focus on design.

“The materials and digital technology will immediately provide significant packaging experiences and design problem-solving opportunities for real world design and production,” Hower said. “It is a great example of education and industry teaming up to improve employment opportunities for our students.”

The lab has been in use for a few semesters and has already yielded impressive results: a team of students won ICPF’s International Best of the Best Student Design Presentation Competition during ICPF’s 15th annual, live interactive, Careers in Corrugated Packaging & Display Teleconference earlier this year. The UTA student design team qualified for the ICPF Run-Off competition by competing against dozens of teams from universities from across the nation last year in the AICC student design competition. AICC-The Independent Packaging Association and the Fibre Box Association are co-sponsors and long-time supporters of ICPF.

Assistant Professor Ben Dolezal said the students’ work was enabled by the new design lab. “The lab provides students with the structural design software, materials and a computer-aided design table to produce significant packaging solutions for use in the marketplace,” he said.

ICPF has established similar packaging design programs within graphic design schools at top academic institutions throughout North America. UT Arlington’s lab, CorrPro Design + UTA, is the first institute of higher education in Texas to offer corrugated packaging and displays curriculum and structural design instruction.

ICPF is an independent, non-profit educational foundation, whose mission is “to generate a stream of increasingly qualified students to enter the corrugated packaging and display industry, now and into the future,” according to the group’s website.


Robert Hower, ICPF, Richard Flarity

Robert Hower, ICPF, Richard Flarity


Robert Hower, ICPF, Richard Flarity


Robert Hower, ICPF, Richard Flarity

Images by James Dunning

100 Dallas Creatives: No 51 Insightful Artist Stephen Lapthisophon

Faculty Member Stephen Lapthisophon has been featured on the Dallas Observer's 100 Dallas creatives list. Below is an excerpt, the full article can be found here.

"Artist Stephen Lapthisophon has made his mark on Dallas in more ways than one. Born in Houston, he attended undergraduate at UT Austin and went on to get his MFA in Chicago, where he also studied comparative literature at Northwestern. In the early 2000s, he was looking for new opportunities to show work and ended up in Dallas, as an artist in residence at UTD. In 2007, having developed a close working relationship with Nancy Whitenack at Conduit Gallery, he made the decision to move here permanently.

In the seven years since then, he has been a dynamic contributor to the Dallas art world. He regularly shows at Conduit in the Design District and helps to bring up the next generation of artists at UT Arlington, where he teaches. His artistic interests and influences are diverse -- ranging from painting to poetry to film. One influence on his work that is often discussed, including by Lapthisophon himself, is his blindness. For twenty years he has been legally blind. In October of 2013, he presented his first major solo exhibition, entitled "coffee, seasonal fruit, root vegetables and 'Selected Poems'" at the Dallas Museum of Art. That exhibit featured works made with food materials like coffee, ground spices and herbs, emphasizing the importance of senses other than sight -- a regular theme of his art."

Glass Demonstrations

Undergraduate Kelly McCabe, brings Graduate Student Michelle Pennington a hot gather of colored glass for the spectators at the Ft. Worth Arts Goggle Event. This was one of the 10 demonstrations which were led by UTA students and Faculty for the one day event.

UTA Art Saturday Schedule

A day of workshops for community college students
Saturday November 8, 2014
Morning sessions: 9:30 – 11:30
Lunch provided in the UTA Art Gallery at noon
Afternoon sessions 1-3 
Due to limited space in many of our studios, you must RSVP for all workshops to  You can take one or two workshops (morning and afternoon). Specify which sessions you are interested in and if you plan to stay for lunch. First come, first served.  Details and directions will be sent in reply.

PRINTMAKING with Nancy Palmeri and Grad Students

Participants will learn the essentials of letterpress printing and produce a small poster in the Wild Pony Letterpress studio.  Meet in the UTA Art Gallery.
Participants will learn various book binding techniques.  SAC 124.

PAINTING with Marilyn Jolly and Sedrick Huckaby

Demonstrations on building a cradled panel and stretched canvas painting support and archival surface preparations for oils, acrylics and mixed media. Participants will prepare the surface of a small stretched canvas for the afternoon portrait painting session.  SAC121
Working with a live model, learn various approaches to create an expressive portrait on your new canvas. SAC121

FOUNDRY with Francis Giampietro

A demonstration of Lost Wax Casting. A wax version is made of the object to be cast, then a ceramic shell mold is built around the wax. The mold is fired in a kiln to vaproize the wax and leave a negative impression of the object. The bronze is heated until molten and poured into the empty molds. The final step is removing the shell mold from the bronze and clean it.

GAME DEVELOPMENT with Joshua Wilson

Participants must register for both sessions!
Participants will be taught the theory of game design, an overview of the game development pipeline, and the mechanisms of game art.  FA 357
After attending the morning workshop, participants will craft their very own version of the arcade classic Pong for PC and MAC.  FA 166


Hands on demonstration on making a tintype, the photo process used widely in the Civil War era.  Each tintype is a photo on a metal plate that is unique.  FAB 349
Morning or Afternoon:
FINE ART DIGITAL PRINTING with Kenda North & Bryan Florentin
Learn about the many different papers that are available for photo ink jet printing, as well as practical tips for image adjustment and color balance.  Participants will be able to make up to 4 16 x 20 prints.  Matt, lustre and gloss papers will be available; students should bring high quality jpegs or RAW files.  FA 376A
Learn about strobe lighting applications in the studio.  A hands on demonstration; bring an external hard drive for your new digital file.
FA 350


THE ART OF GLASSBLOWING with Justin Ginsberg
An hour demonstration of glass blowing techniques in our world class facility followed by a tour of our mold and kiln areas with examples of student/faculty work.  SAC Glass Studio  C146
Participants will learn a variety of techniques to form imagery on glass panels, producing a unique glass painting/drawing/photograph. Students should bring a jump drive with 5 - 10 black and white, high contrast images. 
Students are required to bring closed toed shoes (no sandals or flip-flops). *Pieces will be fired in ovens overnight, and can be picked up the following week. SAC Glass Studio C145


"Branding" has become an essential part of visual communication and advertising world.  This workshop will allow individuals to create their own 'branding' as a professional.  Topics covered are developing a unique voice in a crowded creative market, targeting a specific audience and strategies for building brand loyalty. Bring a sketchbook or notepad and a USB drive. FA 368


Participants will work in our state of the art media arts studio with a script and actors to learn about directing for film and video. FA 134 Media Arts Studio.
These days anyone record video and make an edit but how can you use editing to be a more effective storyteller?   This session is not so much about which button to push but why. It will cover a brief history of the post-production process and how you can be more effective getting to your point and how to keep your audiences’ attention. What style of editing is right for your project and when are too many effects too much. Learn Sergei Eisenstein's law that editing is the ruthless suppression of the inessential. FA 346


Discover the world of knowledge available in studying the history of art.  Learn about the scholarly methods and tools used by students and scholars who seek to understand the meaning of works of art from far-off cultures, and from our own communities. We will discuss the cutting-edge databases and websites used for digital research, as well as age-old methods of connoisseurship and historiography.
As part of their work, art history majors spend time in up-close and personal study of individual works of art, and this workshop will introduce us to the unique works in UTA's African art collection, and the contemporary exhibition on view at the Gallery at UTA. We will discuss some of the creative and challenging careers available to art history majors after graduation.  Meet in the UTA Art Gallery

Morgan Chivers’ Interview Published in Peripheral ARTeries

Morgan Chivers has been interviewed and published in Peripheral ARTeries, the link to the digital publication can be found here. An excerpt about Morgan from the interview:
"Morgan Chivers graduated from San Jose State University (2011) after spending a full decade earning four simultaneously conferred degrees and five minors: BA History, BA Global Studies, BFA photography and BFA Spatial Arts, with minors in Anthropology, Music, Religious Studies, German and Environmental Studies. He is a current graduate student at the University of Texas at Arlington, pursuing an MFA in Glass & Intermedia.
Morgan has rapidly built an extensive exhibition record, with shows throughout the United States and internationally. His work has been selected for 32 juried exhibitions in the last 18 months, receiving 1st place honors from the Carnegie Arts Center's "Imagining the Real" exhibition, the ArtBUZZ publication, and the Glass Arts Society's International Student Exhibition Catalogue."

Freshman Nicole Meyer Wins Video Contest

UTA freshman Nicole Meyer was announced last Saturday as the grand prize winner of the “My Texas Home” video contest by Voice for Texas – TREPAC. Nicole, an art and film major, won for her video illustrating why Texas is the best place to own a home.

" Voice for Texas-TREPAC (Texas Real Estate Political Action Committee) announced the winners of their My Texas Home video contest last weekend at the 2014 Texas REALTOR® Conference in San Antonio. Nichole Meyer of Coppell, Texas won first place and was awarded the grand prize of $5,000 for her entry.

Meyer, 18, is a freshman at the University of Texas at Arlington and is majoring in art and film. “My dad found out about the My Texas Home Contest, and told me about it and I thought, ‘I have an idea for this contest and this is exactly what I need to do.’ I love my home, so this was a perfect fit for me,” Meyer explained.

Voice for Texas-TREPAC Chairman Christine Seidel said, “We were blown away by the creativity and drive of all the contestants this year. The My Texas Home video contest is a testament to Texas pride and the homes, families and communities that inhabitant the Lone Star State. To view the winning entries and all My Texas Home submissions visit"

MFA Funded Research Travel Presentations

MFA Funded Research Travel Presentations
Monday, 15 September 2014, Fine Arts Building, room 148
The Art+Art History Department will be hosting the first annual MFA Funded Research Travel Presentations. The seven graduate students will be speaking about the importance of travel on their specific creative and academic practices. Following their presentations, there will be an opportunity for students and faculty to ask questions and share professional information. Please join us in supporting these excellent students. 

Alumni Joins 500x, Presents Exhibition “RIPE PRODUCE: A MEMBER SHOW”

Alumni M. Kate Helmes, H. Schenck, Syd Webb, and current graduate student, Laura Garcia, are new members to Dallas's oldest artist run co-op, 500X. The opening show for the season will be a 16 member exhibition showcasing the ripe new group of artists.


Opening Reception September 13, 2014
7:00-10:00 pm
Show runs till September 21, 2014

A new cast of emerging DFW artists are at 500X, showcasing a range of traditional and contemporary art. Works ranging from photography, printmaking, textile, installation, paintings, video, performance, and conceptual works investigate a variety of content and formal concerns. These 16 active artists have ties to and collaborated with other artist groups such as Art Conspiracy, aphophenia underground, Deep Ellum Windows, Gallery Project in Detroit, Hatch Show Print, Homecoming Committee, Performance SW, The Junior Ward, and Wild Pony Editions, to name a few. They work in the community as educators, coaches, professionals, and mentors across the DFW area. They work and are involved with institutions such as Dallas Museum of Art, UNT, UTD, UTA, Collin College, Dallas Public Library, Modern Art Museum of Forth Worth, Urban Outfitter, Transit Bike Company, and Tarleton State University.

For more information, visit

Sedrick Huckaby, Benito Huerta and Andrew Ortiz in Ongoing Exhibition

Sedrick Huckaby, Benito Huerta and Andrew Ortiz at the Center for Mexican American Studies and Center for African American Studies Open House on August 27, 2014. The three faculty members from the Department of Art & Art History were asked to participate in an ongoing exhibition of art works in the new Swift Center location.

Stephen Lapthisophon Featured in D Magazine

"Stephen Lapthisophon, a UT Arlington visiting assistant professor of art, made the Dallas 40 list as an artist, D Magazine reported in its annual issue of what's best in Dallas. Over the past decade, Lapthisophon has been one of a number of artists and art professors in Dallas who have helped a younger generation of artists."

From D Magazine: 

"Soon after Stephen Lapthisophon moved from Chicago to Dallas in 2007, he noticed two things. First, there was a society photographer at a museum event. “I thought, ‘This would never happen in Chicago,’ ” Lapthisophon says. Then he went to an artist lecture on a Wednesday night, and it was packed. “And I thought, ‘This would also never happen in Chicago.’ ”

Lapthisophon saw that divide in the city as well. On the one hand, there was the multimillion-dollar Arts District, but just a few miles away, there were vacant lots and odd warehouses. “Dallas has this weird landscape,” he says. “It has this image of all of the flash and glitter, and that is definitely there. But there is also an odd mystery to it. I liked the opportunity that some of those spaces offered. It is good for artists.”

Over the past decade, Lapthisophon, a professor at UTA, has been one of a number of artists and art professors in Dallas who have helped a younger generation of artists exploit that gap. He encourages his students to look to artists in places like Berlin and São Paulo and to use Dallas’ available space to their advantage. Outside the glow of New York, Chicago has always fostered a DIY art culture of pop-up spaces and apartment galleries. Lapthisophon thinks a similar attitude and energy can exist here.

“There’s always going to be a kind of old guard who defines the scene,” he says. “But the other way is to hustle and scrape and do something of substance. You sink or swim based on whether it is good enough.”

In the past few years, Dallas’ underground artist culture has flourished precisely by following this dictate, with some of the best exhibitions staged by artists who take over vacant storefronts and warehouses. It has transformed how this city’s art scene functions. Lapthisophon believes that change is irreversible.

“There are ways in which Dallas is the same scene that happens everywhere,” he says. “But I think that certain channels, once they get opened, they don’t close up. It is not that some things are sustainable. When you change the language of the discussion, it makes thinking different.”

Mary McCleary Artist Talk & Exhibition Reception

You are invited to the gallery talk at 12:30 pm tomorrow (Thursday)  by artist, Mary McCleary. 

The McCleary/Rosenberg Exhibition reception is on Friday from 5:30-8:00 pm. 

UTAG Summer Accomplishments

During the Summer, University of Texas at Arlington Glass students and graduates (UTAG) pursued professional development through internships, residencies, and specialized workshops. It was one of the most active summers in the history of the glass area, illuminating a level of dedication and strength of the program.

Nick Billalba, who recently received his BFA in Glass, is a full time employee for professional artist Lee Ware, who is working in Lubbock. Nick assists the artist on prototyping, production, cold work, while also continuing to develop his own work. Another recent BFA graduate, Randi Kolbe, continues to work on her mobile glass facility, which is fabricated out of a Recreational vehicle. Consulting with some of the top designers and engineers in the world, at the Tacoma Museum of Glass, and the Corning Museum of glass, this fully functional, mobile glass studio will accommodate hot glass working, as well as Neon, giving demonstrations, lectures, and having visiting artists. The vehicle is set to launch in the Summer of 2015.

Current students within the program also had an extremely productive and active summer. Kelley McCabe accepted a summer internship at SiNaCa Glass studios in Ft. Worth, where she assisted with classes and supported the studio tech team. She received a partner scholarship from the Pittsburg glass center, which allowed her to take a 2-week intensive class from professional artist Sam Stang. She was also a studio assistant to local Glass artist Carlyn Ray, at her private studio in Dallas, TX.

Ray Queen, accepted an internship at the Tulsa Glassblowing Studio in Oklahoma. He was able to get experience teaching beginners, announcing demonstrations, as well as hands-on production techniques.

Kalle Tiihonen also received a partner scholarship from the Pittsburg Glass Center, and took a 2-week intensive class from Janusz Pozniak, an English artist. He also accepted a summer internship and work/study position in Denmark, at the Jyderup Hojskole Institute, studying under Erik Meaker. Kalle was not the only undergraduate who received an International Opportunity. Advanced student Aaron Gabriel conducted a two-week residency in Germany.

Also this summer, UTAG had an amazing presence at the World renound Pilchuck Glass School, in Washington, which was started by artist Dale Chihuly, as a way to connect international artists, to exchange ideas, techniques, and to network. Graduate of the BFA Glass program, Hayley Fowler accepted a 6 week internship as a technician and assistant coordinator to the Studios. Neal Paustian, recent MFA graduate, also accepted a 3-week internship position. Another recent graduate of the MFA Glass program, Jean Fernandes, accepted a position as a librarian for one session, and then was a Teaching Assistant to American artist Aimee Sones, and Anjali Srinivasan, an Indian artist who is currently working in Dubai. Shannon Brunskill, graduate of the MFA program in 2011, accepted positions throughout the summer, including Teaching Assistant for South American Artist Silvia Levinson, Program Assistant, and Studio Coordinator. Justin Ginsberg, current head of the glass area, visiting assistant professor, and graduate of the MFA program in 2011, also accepted a position as a teaching assistant to Australian artist Richard Whiteley, and German artist Heike Brachlow. He also accepted a three-week position as the Hot Studio coordinator. Joshua Hargrave accepted a position as the Teaching Assistant for American Artist James Harmon, and Norwegian artist Brynhildur Thorgeirsdottir. Current Graduate student Michelle Pennington received the Dubois grant, a $3000 juried scholarship, which allowed her to take a 3-week intensive course with South American Artist Silvia Levinson. She also received funding from the McDowell center for International research, which supported her travel to undertake research in Istanbul. Christine Heimerman, a 3rd year Graduate student, received support from the Department and the glass studio to take a 3-week intensive with American artist Ben Wright, and Stine Bistrup, who works in Denmark. Colton Scally accepted a position as a Librarian and Christian Greene was accepted into a class, studying under Raven Skyriver.

Jean Fernandes, recent graduate of the MFA program was accepted into a very competitive exhibition in Prague, and is a contender to win the Libensky Glass prize.

Frame of Mind on KERA TV

Frame of Mind, a series of 13 episodes, will air on KERA TV, the station reported. The series is a collection of homegrown documenataries, feature films and video shorts. It premieres at 10 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 10. Bart Weiss, a UT Arlington associate professor of film, will produce the series. Three UT Arlington student films will air on Oct. 16 as an episode in the series. Phone Ghost directed by Jean-Patrick Mahoney, Avocados directed by Julie Gould and Helado directed by Gabriel Duran. 

Peor Es Nada (MFA SHORT)

Gabe Duran's Peor Es Nada will be screening at the Broadway International Film Festival in Los Angeles on August 30.  Peor Es Nada will be one of only 17 films from around the world to screened at BIFF-LA. 
The Broadway International Film Festival Los Angeles (BIFF-LA) aims to bring back focus and interest to the Broadway corridor of downtown Los Angeles. As part of the "Bringing back Broadway initiative".
The purpose of the festival includes reaching all aspects of our community with the focus of placing Broadway as a cultural center of film diversity and a platform for the exposure of important topics that affect us all, with the opportunity for both emerging and established talent to showcase and publicize their material.

Play Testing Opportunity

A play testing session for Ornery, will occur on September 14th for Noon to 6 pm. If you would like to participate please sign up online HERE with the password Tester. Must be a student at The University of Texas in Arlington and over 18 to join. 

Ornery is a casual side scrolling shooter. Hop in your booster tank and help defend your planet. Collect special powers from fallen enemies and see how long you can hold your ground against an never ending onslaught of aliens. Developed for both PCs and Macs by Joshua Wilson.

Dr. Mary Vaccaro Lectures at the Legion of Honor

Dr. Mary Vaccaro will be a guest lecturer at the Legion of Honor/Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, in conjunction with a special exhibit of Parmigianino's so-called "Turkish Slave," in September.

H. Schenck Participates In “inside)(outside”

H. Schenck will be participating in "inside)(outside" a show curated by two UT Arlington alumni, Alison Starr and Courtney Brown co-founders of Perfomance SW. Several other performers are: Laura Garcia-Penn (a current graduate student), Wesley Salazar (a current undergraduate student), Kate Helms, Reuben Melendez, Janet Morrow, and Sharon Turner who are all allumi.

"inside)(outside, curated by Dallas based group PerformanceSW, displays collected ephemera from artists exploring the inbetween in performance. The works included will challenge representations of performance art to the everyday, comparative to the performativity of gender roles. Both displays call for the construction of invisible boundaries.

A physical extension of inside)(outside, in the form of a one-night-only performance showcase curated by PerformanceSW co-founders, Courtney Brown and Alison Starr, will be on view at Oil & Cotton from 7:00 p.m – 11:00 p.m. on Saturday, August 16, 2014 in Dallas, Texas."

Marilyn Jolly Speaks at The Warehouse

Associate professor and painting area coordinator Marilyn Jolly was invited to speak at The Warehouse, "co-owned by Dallas art collectors Howard Rachofsky and Vernon Faulconer, are works that span genres and the globe. Its galleries include paintings by German artist Gerhard Richter, animated films by South Africa’s William Kentridge and a large, blue human-shaped figure once displayed at Dallas Museum of Art." Last Monday professor Jolly gave a lecture on three artists in the collection that are currently installed: Sigmar Polke, Guido van der Werve and Carroll Dunham.

Justin Ginsberg Shares Experience In Germany

Justin Ginsberg, visiting assistant professor and glass area coordinator shares his experiences in Germany during recent exhibitions and a residency.

"This really started with a scholarship I received to attend the Pilchuck Glass school in the summer of 2013. During my time there I was able to connect with Nadania Idriss, founder and director of Berlin Glas e.V., a new non-profit glass studio in Berlin, Germany. After discussing my curatorial experience, she invited me to curate an exhibition, which would be held in December of 2013. Many of the artists had an affiliation with UTA. 

I received support from the university to travel to Berlin, to install the exhibition, and be present during the opening, which included a performance from a Belgium artist, Philipp Weber. During my time there I made a strong connection with this artist. During the opening, I also made a connection with Sébastien Bourdeauducq, a Scientist, and founder of EHSM (Experimental Hardware Software Meeting), a group dedicated to development in science, and DIY processes.

These connections created many opportunities for me in Berlin. With further support from the University (Through the McDowell Center grant, and further support from the Art + Art History Dept.) I was accepted to conduct a 5 week residency with a solo exhibition.

During my first week of my residency, I supported Philipp Weber and his performance titled Estrange symphony for the DMY International Design Fair. I also participated in collaborative demonstrations for the attendees of the conference with Irish artist Jesse Günther. It was a wonderful opportunity for exposure. During that week I also had the pleasure of helping create works for Mona Hatoum, an incredibly well known and influential artist who is represented at the Tate Modern in London, as well as several biennale, including the Venice biennale. It was a wonderful opportunity and I am in discussions with her to come to UTA when she visits the Menil Museum in Houston, for her solo exhibition coming up in 2017.

My residency was an incredible opportunity to work with several international artists, and concluded with a solo exhibition, titled Décadence. It was very well received, and developed more opportunities for me. The Museum Kunstpalast, in Dusseldorf, Germany acquired one of my artworks for their permanent collection. It has one of Europe¹s largest glass collections. I had a very long conversation with the curator who also gave me a private tour of the museum while it was closed, and I was able to spend some significant time with some of the hidden Joseph Beuys works. He taught just down the street at the art academy.

During my exhibition I also met several directors of the Bild-Werk glass studio located in Frauenau, Germany who requested I submit a proposal to teach a one month class in the summer of 2015.

My residency ended with a trip to Hamburg, Germany where I was invited as a speaker to present my artwork, research, and methodology at the EHSM annual conference, which was held at DESY, the 2nd largest particle accelerator in Europe. My presentation was intermixed with science innovations, and DIY developments, and have already been offered an opportunity to return next year to share my latest developments.

Other key notes of time there, include connecting with the Chair of the art department from ANU (the Australian National university) and the head of the glass/ 3d areas from ANU about an exchange program between the two institutions, which we are still discussing and drafting potentials.

I also have begun to develop a type of residency/internship through Berlin Glas e.V. for UTA glass students to get professional and International Experience."

Clay Professor Nicholas Wood’s Exhibitions

Clay professor Nicholas Wood has had works exhibited across the country and internationally, here are some of his recent exhibitions.

National Works on Paper: Abercrombie Gallery, McNeese State University, Lake Charles, Louisiana, Juror: Louis Grachos, Director of the Contemporary, Austin, Texas (catalogue).
Celebrate Texas Art 2014: Williams Tower Gallery/Assistance Art League of Houston, Texas; Juror: Rock Hushka, Curator of Contemporary Art, Tacoma Art Museum, Washington (catalogue).
Annual International Exhibition: Meadows Gallery, University of Texas Tyler; Juror: Dean Daderko, Curator, Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston, Texas.
Dallas Art Fair: Fashion Industry Gallery, Dallas, Texas at William Campbell Contemporary Art exhibit space.

Photography: Art/Science/Document

On July 30th there will be a lecture at the Arlington Museum of Art in collaboration with the current exhibtion of Ansel Adams Photography. Bryan Florentin, Scott Hilton and Kenda North of the Art + Art History's photography program will be on the panel for a discussion of how photography has mediated a cultural role as document, art and science from its origins to the present.

The lecture will on July 30 at 6:30pm.

The Arlington Museum of Art 
201 W. Main Street, Arlington, Tx 76010 

Admission is free and open to the public 

Morgan Chivers’ work in Manifest Gallery’s 8th Annual Master Pieces Exhibition


"Often the most exceptional work comes out of these artists’ immersion in their culture of study and intellectual pursuit. Manifest’s goal, therefore, is to select and document works that in the truest sense of the word are contemporary masterpieces – works that set the standard of quality that the artist is expected to maintain throughout his or her professional career. The exhibit catalogs for Master Pieces, and now the Manifest Exhibition Annual, will serve as a visual documentation of these artists’ own benchmarks for years to come.

This eighth installment of the Master Pieces project will continue to reveal the intensity and professionalism of students working towards their terminal academic degree in the field of art or design. 148 artists representing 79 different academic graduate programs submitted 402 works for consideration by Manifest's rigorous jury process. Twenty-eight works by 21 artists from 15 states representing 20 different academic programs were selected for presentation in the gallery and catalog."

A Review Of Levitt Pavilion Performing Arts Event

Cheryl Mitchell Lecturer and Collections Specialist for the Art + Art History Department hosted a community outreach event on July 2nd.

Mitchell says "It was held in conjunction with the Lannaya West African Dance & Drum Ensemble and the Levitt Pavilion for the Performing Arts. I hosted the booth at both the 9:30am and 7:30pm performances and passed out almost 400 coloring book pages representing African masks and cultures, as well as information about the various exhibitions on campus and pamphlets for the Art + Art History Department and the Center for African American Studies.

I had a blast and look forward to hosting again next year!"


Jackson Echols, Alumni’s First Solo Show

Jackson Echols graduated with his MFA in Intermedia/Studio Arts in the spring of 2014 from UTA, he currently has a show at the Rachel Nash Gallery in Deep Ellum. This is Jackson's first solo exhibition, he is also teaching Intro to Digital Photography during the summer. The show has been open since June 28th, there also was an opening reception 8pm–10pm. There will be a closing reception on Thursday, July 17th, from 5pm–8pm where the complete installation piece will be unveiled. 

For more information visit:

Alumni Show: Tethered

Tethered is a show put on by UTA painting and photography alumni: Celia Cortez, Joy Ellis, Heather Braman Gaton and Rocky McGee. The works are centered around women's issues. The show is located at the University of North Texas Health Science Center, there will be a reception July 26th 5pm–8pm.


UNT Health Science Center
Atrium Gallery
1st floor of Carl E Everett EAD Building
3500 Camp Bowie Blvd., Forth Worth, TX 76107
Hours: M–F 8am–5pm

Daniel Martinez Presents You’re Doing Great

You’re Doing Great, is an installation by graduating senior Daniel Ray Martinez. The installation is a group of images that Daniel has derived over the past year. The images are documents of everyday life that he finds interesting or aesthetically pleasing. Daniel is interested in creating a dialogue between how we see and read information through photographic imagery and text based media, and how it transcribes to how we see the world visually. Also, he explores the materiality of the photo image and presents them in a free-floating non-hierarchical way for the viewer to move more dynamically within the space.

Daniel’s installation will be on view from July 14th - July 25th at UT Arlington Fine Arts Building Room 343 on the 3rd floor.

Lannaya West African Drum & Dance Ensemble

Join Cheryl Mitchell, Lecturer and Collections Specialist of the Art + Art History Department, this upcoming Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014 at the Levitt Pavilion for the Performing Arts in collaboration with the City of Arlington, as she hosts a booth for the UT Arlington African Art Collections during the Lannaya West African Drum and Dance Ensemble event at 9:30am and again at 7:30pm. She will offer information and pamphlets over the collections, the Art + Art History Department and the Center for African American Studies (CAAS).

At this event Mitchell seeks to build awareness of the collections and their availability for viewing by the public at three current venues on campus, including the Visual Resource Center in the Fine Arts Building, the Swift Center in collaboration with CAAS, and the UC Art Gallery within the University Center at UT Arlington. Each of these venues showcases a variety of artifacts and artistic creations of the African peoples as well as a look into the continuing legacy of contemporary African designs and more.

For more information please visit our website at

2014 Summer MFA Exhibition

2014 Summer MFA Exhibition
June 9 – August 25, 2014
The Gallery at UTA

The Seventh Annual Summer MFA Exhibition presents the artwork of a diverse group of 21 candidates from UT Arlington’s Graduate Degree Program. The students, at varying stages of the program - from first year, to those who have recently completed the program and have already earned their MFA degree - display a broad range of contemporary art-making practice in terms of concept, media and scale.

The Department of Art & Art History’s MFA Program is organized into four areas: Studio-Intermedia, Visual Communication, Film/Video and Glass and the works in this exhibition reveal the artists’ conceptual investigations of a variety of issues as they realize their visions in these respective mediums.

This year’s exhibition was selected by three jurors who are well-known and respected in their fields: Katrina Moorhead chose the studio-intermedia and glass works, Steven Holland, the Visual Communication pieces and Julia Dyer, the film/video selections on view. After visiting each MFA candidate’s studio and reviewing all the works that had been completed or were currently in progress, the jurors were faced with the daunting task of selecting one or two pieces they felt demonstrated the students’ best accomplishments. Their thoughtful choices reflect the depth and diversity of both the program and the student artists who generously share their intellectual and creative explorations. 



Participating artists:

Ryan Britton

Morgan Chivers

Gladys Chow

David Diaz

Gabriel Duran

Jackson Echols

Elizabeth English

Brendan Feltrup-Exum

Laura Garcia

Christine Heimerman

Ginnie Shih En Hsu

Jean-Patrick Mahoney

Emily Nicastro

Neal Paustian

Michelle Pennington

Maryam Rezaei

Alison Starr

Seth Victorious

Shuhong Wang

Sydney Webb

Joshua Wilson

Design Texas Class Completes a Branding Project for the HSNT

UTA Visual Communication students Alexander Reyher, Drew Collins, Karolina Bebak, Kimi Nguyen, Samuel McKinnie and Nike Duraku from the Design Texas class have created a new identity for Humane Society of North Texas, a non profit located in Ft. Worth. The students will be work throughout the summer to help Ann Barnes Executive Director and Whitney Hanson Marketing Director of HSNT implement the brand on social media, an ad campaign, environmental signage, and their website.

MFA Candidate Morgan Chivers featured at Ontario Science Center

"Art is the elimination of the unnecessary." - Pablo Picasso

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler." - Albert Einstein

These entwined ideas – which underlie Occam’s Razor – form a thread that links the realms of science and art. Scientists rely on Occam’s Razor, which holds that simpler explanations, all things being equal, are better than more complex ones, to refine their theories and experiments.

With reference to Occam’s Razor, the interdisciplinary discourse presented in this exhibition by Propeller and the !dea Gallery at the Ontario Science Centre, seeks to narrow the cultural divide between art and science. 

M.A.C.H.I.N.E.: Consciousness

In celebration of re­awakening, the M.A.C.H.I.N.E. (Master of Arts Collective in Higher Idea Navigation and Exploration) sought artist submissions from emerging and established artists for a juried show about consciousness. The work of over a dozen artists from California, New York, and Texas (and some places in-between) are on display in Gallery West (located at the Studio Arts Center). Please join us for the reception: May 22 from 5 - 8 pm.

Art Education Students Teach at the Kimbell Art Museum

UTA Art Education students met four times during the Spring 2014 semester at the Kimbell Art Museum in Ft. Worth. During these class sessions, students prepared, planned, and learned about teaching art through an inquiry-based museum method working directly with the objects and artwork in the space. After working with the Kimbell Museum Educators for the first three sessions, UTA students were able to teach their own art lessons to middle schoolers from Kirkpatrick Middle School. 
Through the experience, art education students learned valuable tools and ideas about teaching art in different spaces, how to connect students to artwork, engage with student's interests, and think about how to develop art making lessons that connect all of these aspects.    

Todd Russell Wins the Carolyn A. Barros Service-Learning Award

"Service Learning is a teaching method that promotes student learning through active participation in meaningful and planned service experiences in the community that are directly related to course content. Through reflective activities, students enhance their understanding of course content, general knowledge, sense of civic responsibility, self-awareness, and commitment" (Crews, 1995). The Carolyn A. Barros Service-Learning Award celebrates the commitment UT Arlington students have made to the betterment of their communities and the enrichment of their learning experience inside and outside the classroom. This award recognizes initiative, achievement, and excellence of students involved in service learning at UT Arlington.
Two honorees are awarded for UT-Arlington each year, and one of this year's recipients is Todd Russell. Todd is an Art Education student in the Art + Art History Department. His dedication to service learning makes him very deserving of this award. He has been working with the Evergreen Cultural Arts Center for the Spring 2014 semester and plans to continue his work with the Center over the summer as an independent study.    

Evergreen Cultural Arts Center Exhibition—Hosted by Art Education Students

During the 2014 Spring semester, Art Education students participated in a service-learning opportunity with the Evergreen Cultural Arts Center (CAC) in Ft. Worth. Evergreen runs homes and work facilities in the DFW area for people with special needs. Their CAC was established as a way for the people working in the facilities to be able to create artwork and sell it to make an income.

Students prepared to teach art at the facility by learning about art therapy as well as methods and strategies of teaching. Students visited the CAC three times during the semester to teach art to Evergreen's special needs population and also spent ten hours of outside class time volunteering at the Center.

After creating and making many art pieces with the people at the CAC, students wanted to do something special for the them, so they decided to hold an exhibition of the artwork at the Studio Arts Center at UTA. The exhibition was "bigger than Evergreen's holiday party," stated Karen Towery, Area Supervisor of the CAC. It was a great success. This opportunity allowed Art Education students to build relationships, empower an underserved population, learn about their selves, and better understand what it takes to teach art.  

By Perla E. Cabrera, The Shorthorn staff

Senior Lecturer Scott Hilton awarded Summer Institute residency in NYC

Scott Hilton, a photography instructor and specialist in 19th century photographic processes, was awarded an NEH Scholar Residency at, The American Social History Project, part of the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. This two-week institute supported by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities will focus on the Visual Culture of the Civil War—including the fine arts, ephemera, and photography—to assess how information and opinion about the war and its impact were recorded and disseminated, and the ways visual media expressed and shaped Americans’ understanding on both sides of the conflict.

Scott's expertise as a contemporary practitioner of antiquated techniques affords him a unique perspective on the visual materials from the archives of CUNY, the New York Public Library, the Cooper Union, and NYU that will be made available to the NEH Scholars.

Elixir by Alison Starr

Through the absurd action of honoring the cabbage, Elixir, addresses the human conditions of longing, desire, unfulfilled passions and the unique ways in which humans over time place belief, hope and love. Written by MFA Candidate Alison Starr, this performance script includes UTA faculty, students and local DFW artists to convey ideas that confound and inspire human kind.

2014 DSVC Winners

The final results from Creative Quarterly 35 are in; there are a total of 8 winners. Our student’s work has competed with the top art schools such as RISD, Mass College of Art, School of Visual Arts and many others. The winner’s work will be posted on their online gallery in Summer 2014.


UTA Art + Art History Winners

Elena Chudoba(Annual Report): University of Texas at Arlington

Mary Gibson, University of Texas at Arlington

Ayla Haynes, University of Texas at Arlington

Brand’ee Milton(Web Mockup), University of Texas at Arlington

Alexander Reyher(Poster), University of Texas at Arlington

Kevin Bradford(Two Illustrations), University of Texas at Arlington

Cindy Breslauer(Illustration), University of Texas at Arlington

By The Pen: The Art of Writing in Islamic Art

By the Pen: The Art of Writing in Islamic Art

From the earliest times to the present, artists and craftsmen across the Muslim lands have used writing to decorate all types of buildings and objects, from the most expensive works of art to the humblest everyday vessels.  This lecture illustrates some of the many ways they did so, raising the art of writing to its most sublime and transforming it into one of the most distinctive features of Islamic visual culture.  The lecture will discuss the different subjects that artists chose to inscribe for different purposes on different types of buildings and objects, from mosques and minbars to dishes and dress.  It will also consider the different styles of writing and the ways that artists and craftsmen went to great pains to add inscriptions, even in media such as textiles in which it is very difficult to do so.  In sum, the lecture will show why writing in Arabic script is a hallmark of Islamic art and architecture, a feature that differentiates the arts produced in the Islamic lands from those produced elsewhere.

Professor Blair teaches about all aspects of Islamic art from the seventh century to modern times. She offers surveys on Islamic art, architecture, and urbanism, as well as research seminars on the Silk Road, the Islamic book, and the arts of the object. Her research is equally broad: she has written or co-written 17 books, including several international award winners, and more than 200 articles in journals, encyclopedias, colloquia, and festschriften. Several of her books were written with her husband and co-holder of the Calderwood Chair, Jonathan Bloom, with whom she served as artistic consultant to the three-hour documentary Islam: Empire of Faith, shown nationally on PBS.


11:00am - 12:00pm

Room 148, Fine Arts Building

502 South Cooper St.

Arlington, TX

University of Texas at Arlington

Visiting Lecturer : Penelope Umbrico

Penelope Umbrico will be presenting a lecture on her work on Thursday, April 10th at 12:30 pm in Architecture 204.  Ms. Umbrico is coming to campus courtesy the Department of Art and Art History and DB14.

Umbrico received her MFA from the School of Visual Arts in NYC and has received a Guggenheim and Smithsonian Research Arts Fellowships.  She has exhibited her work in museums and galleries internationally, including a recent installation at Oliver Francis Gallery in Dallas.  In addition to her public lecture, Umbrico will have a studio/crit session with a small group of our grad students.

Jean Fernandes and Morgan Chivers selected for Emerge 2014

MFA candidates Jean Fernandes and Morgan Chivers have both been selected as finalists for the Bullseye Gallery's highly-competitive biennial kiln-glass exhibition.

Emerge 2014 is Bullseye's eighth iteration of the popular event for emerging artists. This international juried competition offers prizes as well as inclusion in a full-color exhibition catalog. Finalists' artwork will be installed at Bullseye Gallery from April 8 - June 28, 2014. Selected award winners will be included in a national touring exhibition.

Jurors for Emerge 2014 are Kathleen Moles, Emily Nachison, and James Yood.

2014 Master of Fine Arts Exhibition

Please join us is celebrating the accomplishments of our graduating MFA students at the MFA Exhibition reception this Friday, 11 April in the Gallery at UTA from 5.00-7.00pm, with brief gallery talks by the artist beginning at 6.00pm. This years exhibition includes excellent works by Alison Starr, Glady Chow, Ryan Britton, Elizabeth English, Sydney Webb, Jean Fernandes, Jackson Echols, and Neal Paustian.

2014 Bachelor of Art Spring Senior Exhibition

The Spring 2014 BA Senior Exhibition will be on view 8 a.m.-5 p.m. on April 7-11 at Gallery West, located in the Studio Arts Center at 810 S. Davis St., Arlington, Texas. Opening Night is 4:30-6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, April 9.


The exhibition features work created by 24 graduating seniors of the University of Texas at Arlington’s Department of Art and Art History, including painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, glass, printmaking, film/video, photography/digital imaging and visual communications.


Artists will be present during Opening Night, and refreshments will be provided.

Dallas Society of Visual Communication 2014

Congratulations to our 5 DSVC(Dallas Society of Visual Communication) National Student Show winners for 2014! With entires numbering well above 1,000 this year, 3 works from 5 students were selected from our Visual Communication area. The winners are  Elena Chudoba: Poler Annual Report, Cosme Olivas, Ayla Haynes, Holly Aldriedge, Anna French: Augustus B. Circus POP Display and Cosme Olivas: Sweet Baby Ray's Gourmet Sauces.

ENDEVOUR Official Selection at Hill Country Film Festival

Brendan Feltrup-Exum’s film, Endeavour, has been officially selected to screen in the short film competition at the Hill Country Film Festival in Fredericksburg, Texas.

Hill Country Film Festival: 3/25/2014

This is where raw talent meets raw beauty. HCFF is a five-day independent film festival in the heart of the picturesque Hill Country in Fredericksburg, Texas.

Created to celebrate and showcase filmmakers from Texas and around the world, the festival began in 2010. In 2013, HCFF screened more than 50 independent films, both short and feature length, as well as hosted filmmaker Q&A/interviews, discussion panels, a filmmaker's lounge and festival parties.

Deep Ellum Windows : The Return

Collaborative art group Apophenia Underground (Jeff Gibbons and Justin Ginsberg) brings Deep Ellum Windows back to Dallas for another season of exhibitions. Voted "Best New Art Movement of Dallas, 2013" in the Dallas Observer, Deep Ellum Windows began a couple weeks earlier, and now the duo has curated a new set of exhibitions, which are taking over the vacant buildings and lots. Solo Exhibitions inhabiting five separate spaces on Main St. in Deep Ellum by Jesse Morgan Barnett, Kayla Escobedo, Mariko Spigner, and artist collaborative Brush Muscle (Andy Don Emmons, Terry Hogan, and Michael Wynne).


Opening Reception: March 29th, 7-11pm

and an installation from 8-11pm at 2625 Main St.


Jesse Morgan Barnett // Turbomeca

// 2604 Main St.


Kayla Escobedo // Kayla: Now and Then, Now and Again

PERFORMANCE 8-10pm at 2656 Main St.

// 2656 Main St. and 2625 Main St.


Brush Muscle (Andy Don Emmons, Terry Hogan, Michael Wynne) 

// 2810 Main St.


Mariko Spigner // Crane

// 2647 Main St. (outdoors)

MFA Open Studio Event

Wednesday, 26 March 2.00-5.00

Fine Arts Building and Studio Art Center Graduate Studio's

The Department of Art and Art History would like to cordially invite you to the MFA Annual Open Studio Event. Our Open Studio Evet is an informal way our our MFA students to discuss their studio progress with faculty, invited guests and each other. Please RSVP to Khushboo LaSure at if you would like to attend or require directions.

2014 Studio Event and Art Auction


You are cordially invited to the exclusive

2014 Studio event and art auction

Thursday, April 3 · 6-8:30 p.m.
Silent auction and studio demonstrations · 6-7:30 p.m.
Live Auction · 7:30 p.m.

$100 per person
Proceeds benefit scholarships in the
College of Liberal Arts Department of Art and
Art History


Studio Arts Center
Department of Art and Art History
810 South Davis Drive · Arlington, Texas

Gourmet hors d’oeuvres and a selection of creative refreshments will be served

Purchase tickets or donate online at

For more information, contact Elizabeth Fernandez at or 817-272-5300

Self-parking available





The COOLEST art event in town has evolved into something even bigger. UT Arlington’s annual glass art sale now incorporates virtually every MEDIUM from our outstanding trove of talented artists: stunning photography, vibrant paintings, dazzling glass pieces, and more. Beyond a sale, it’s a platform for bringing artists and patrons together for an evening of art, auctions, and inspiration. Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind event that’s sure to be the HOTTEST ticket around.


Glass Art

Explore the work of talented glass artists at UTA, created under the direction of Justin Ginsberg, coordinator of the glass arts program.


Our photography exhibit features the work of brilliant photographers like Kenda North, coordinator of UTA photography program.


See the amazing work created by UTA’s renowned faculty, like  Sedrick Huckaby & Benito Huerta, & explore the work of accomplished students.
Under the direction of Darryl Lauster, the program is booming with art that challenges and sparks the imagination. Come experience the greatness.
Multimedia artist Nicholas Wood helms this burgeoning program. Don’t miss the opportunity to see the art our ceramics program has to offer.
UTA’s printmaking department flourishes under the guidance of Professor Nancy Palmeri, an acclaimed artist whose work has been shown worldwide.

Today’s complex world requires creativity. It takes the imagination and hands of a true artist to interpret and reimagine our environment–and to bring context, beauty, and meaning to our lives. Your patronage of this exclusive event supports our students in their efforts to become the artists that will shape our understanding of the world around us. 

Participate in live and silent auctions in unique studio gallery spaces, each showcasing an exquisite variety of curated art pieces on display and for sale. Meet renowned faculty and up-and-coming students, watch live demonstrations, and hear about their creative processes. At the end of the night, you’ll take home works of art not typically available to the public. 

Plan to return Friday, April 4, to take part in the
annual glass sale from 9 a.m.-4 p.m.

2014 Annual Glass Art Sale

Each year the UTA glass area holds a glass art sale open to the university and public communities. This event raises the money used to fund the operation of the Glass Studio and degree program.  Raw glass, tools, machinery, kilns, etc. are all purchased using money raised from this sale.  Additionally, this money is used to fund visiting artists to the glass area and student scholarships to summer glass study programs.

Raising money through this sale is essential to the operation of the studio and program in glass at UTA. Glass students of all levels, faculty, and visiting artists all create glass work for the sale.  The objects range from five-dollar paperweights to major collector pieces selling for several thousand dollars.  Half of the sale price is returned to the student/artist, the other half is deposited in the glass area operational budget account of the University. Most pieces have prices set by the maker, with a selected group of major pieces put in a silent auction held during the sale.  Glass students prepare the facility and objects for the sale, and work during the event as cashiers, packers, assistants, etc. It is a fun and exciting event not to be missed. This year the One Day Only Sale will be held on Friday April 4th, from 8am

8pm (or until we sell out). We will have live glass blowing demonstrations, raffles, live/silent auctions, and more. Your continued support has solidified the University of Texas at Arlington's Glass program as a leader in the field and maintained its status of having one of the best University facilities in the World. We look forward to seeing you again, continuing this incredible tradition, and creating a legacy!!

Nancy Palmeri Exhibition at Brookhaven College

Professor Nancy Palmeri's exhibition of recent works opens Friday, 21 March in the Forum Gallery at Brookhaven College in Dallas, with a reception for the artist from 6.00-8.00pm. This exhibition represents her most recent works created during her Faculty Development Leave, spring 2014 semester.  

Palmeri's works act as a sort of oneiric trance, inducing a method of transport between circumstance and imagination.  These drawings consider the repetitive gesture as sine qua non, an essential action or condition. Translating perceptual interior experiences, the drawings interface between the visceral, almost automatic mark-making and cerebral juxtaposition of contrasting images. Exquisitely drawn, these images unravel Palmeri's normally highly embellished, forceful images into a more poetic fragmentation. The works act as an experience between image, artist and viewer, rather than a specific narrative seen in her previous works, recasting the connection from the direct expression to one that lulls the viewer into an altered experience. 

Palmeri's work will be on view from 18 March- 5 April 2014. Brookhaven College is located at 3939 Valley View Lane, Farmers Branch, TX 75244-4997 , V 972.860.4101, F 972.860.4385 .

Lecture by Visiting Artist Katrina Moorhead

Katrina Moorhead will offer a presentation on her work on Wednesday, March 26th, noon in FA 148.  The title of her lecture is "some objects about some thoughts".  Ms Moorhead will also jury the MFA summer exhibition during her time at UTA.
Katrina Moorhead is an assistant professor at the University of Houston.  She was awarded the prestigious 2007 Arthouse Texas Prize and the 2008 Joan Mitchell Foundation Award. Moorhead's work was recently included in the group exhibition The Luxury of Dirt, Galerie Bob van Orsouw, Zurich, Switzerland (2011)was previously included in the group exhibition The Nature of Things, which represented Northern Ireland in the 2005 Venice Biennale.  Born in Northern Ireland, Moorhead received her BA and MFA from Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Visual Communication Alumni Win 21 Addys

Visual Communication Alumni Tim Lautensack, Jonathan Irwin & Ben Bologna of Starr Conspiracy won a total of 21 Addys Awards including the people's choice Award and a Special Judges Award the Best of Interactive.

About The Starr Conspiracy:

You shouldn't have to pay an agency to get to know your industry. The Starr Conspiracy already knows your market segment, who you are, and where you fit in. We're a strategic marketing and advertising agency devoted exclusively to enterprise software and services. When you partner with us, it's to build market share, multiply brand awareness and drive sales leads — not to bone up on the basics. We've been "out there" for more than a decade, so you can hit the ground running. Founded in 1999 and located in Fort Worth, Texas, The Starr Conspiracy has won eight best places to work awards and countless creative awards. Visit us on the Web

Art + Art History students take first place at ICPF Packaging competition

Cosme Olivas, Holly Aldriedge and Ayla Haynes were awarded First Place at the ICPF's annual "Best of the Best" Student Design Presentation Competition. The display is for the Fictitious Augustus B. Circus; It features Brightly colored lollipops in the shape of mustaches and penny bags of popcorn.  The students conceptualized the project and designed the display from the ground up using equipment donated by the International Corrugated Packaging Foundation. The competition featured 18 universities; this was UTAs first entry into the competition. 

The American Advertising Federation 2014 Student ADDY Awards

The Art + Art History Department community would like to congratulate the following students on their awards in Visual Communication. The AAF (American Advertising Federation) Student ADDY Awards Competition is a unique national awards program designed especially for college students. Work entered at the local level can move up to the regional and national judging, just like the work entered by professionals across the country. Applicants must be enrolled full- or part-time in an accredited U.S. educational institution.



Underbelly - Anna French, Jonathan Chapman, Bailey Blanchone

Jesse Estanes - Field guide to Big Foot




Laurel Cabrera - Herb + Thistle brand

Brand'ee Milton - Cultured Cup

Lizz Barcenas - Annual Report

Elena Chudoba - Annual Report

Cosme Olivas - Tito's Handmade Vodka




Ovio - Laurel Cabrera, Iris Chen and Sandy NGO

Lumberjack POP - Clay Knowles, Mary Gibson, Kelsey Armistead

August B Circus - POP Cosme Olivas, Ayla Haynes, Holly Aldriedge, Anna French

Cosme Olivas - Sweet Baby Ray's

Artist Talk: Alice Leora Briggs

Utilizing a variety of intriguing techniques such as sgraffito and burn drawings, Alice Leora Briggs (Lubbock) creates images with a surface beauty that starkly contrasts with the chilling content -- the politics and violence of Juarez, Mexico. Briggs received her MFA in 1981 from the University of Iowa. Her work has been featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions throughout the United States and she had been the recipient of prestigious grants and awards throughout her career including Fulbright Scholar to the Slovak Republic in 2011, Dallas Museum of Art Dozier Travel Award in 2008, Artist Residencies in Snowmass, Colorado (2010), El Paso, Texas (2008), Banner, Wyoming (2007), Austin, Texas (2007), and grants from the Arizona Commission on the Arts, the Phoenix Art Museum, and the Utah Arts Council to name a few. In addition, her work is in the permanent collections of institutions including the Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco, El Paso Museum of Art, Phoenix Art Museum, Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, Tucson Museum of Art and many others.


Artist Talk:


12:30 – 1:30 PM


FA 169


In conjunction with the current exhibition Let the Drip From the Ceiling Become an 8 Foot Hole in the Roof CentralTrak will host several Tête-à-Tête interviews to be led by MFA Almnus Jeff Gibbons. The first discussion will take place on Thursday February 20 featuring Stephen Lapthisophon, multimedia artist, writer, and professor at the University of Texas of Arlington. An additional interview will be held the preceding week, Thursday February 27, with Visiting Assistant Professor Justin Ginsberg, Gibbons collaborator and co-creator of the artist collective Apophenia Underground. Each interview will be followed by a short question and answer session.


Date: Thursday February 27, 7PM

@ Centraltrak:  Artist residency and Gallery

800 Exposition, Dallas, TX, 75226

Three MFA Candidates Featured in Star-Telegram Article

MFA Candidates Brendan Feltrup-Exum, Ryan Britton, and Jean-Patrick Mahoney were all featured this week in an article in the Star-Telegram. The articles detail their work in the MFA program under Professor Ya’ke Smith and each of their individual scripts. Please see the excerpts below:

Brendan Feltrup-Exum

Feltrup-Exum installed parachute pouches, eight computer monitors, four digital photo frames, a custom-made pilot seat and flight consoles inside his spacecraft. He harnessed actors to an aluminum I-beam to simulate zero gravity.

He bought a Vietnam-era insulated flight suit and parts from an airplane salvage yard, and got the manufacturing company 3M to donate a $600 full-face respirator. He then built a rain trough on the front of the spacecraft to film a flashback that the father has while driving on the fateful rainy day his son died.

To film the car accident in which the son dies, Feltrup-Exum bought a 1986 Jeep Cherokee online and had a group of assistants roll it over at Knapp Ranch in the Mansfield area. With firefighters looking on, he blew it up with 3 gallons of gas and half a pound of black powder.

It didn’t hurt that Feltrup-Exum also happens to be licensed to use pyrotechnics.

His film is signed with Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists union. His lead actors are Christian Heep of Contagion and award-winning actress, singer and composer Cheryl Allison.


Ryan Britton

Fellow grad student Ryan Britton also drew from those close to him for his film, Not Abel, about two Midwestern twin brothers who are at odds after one decides to leave the methamphetamine business

David King deals methamphetamine to the locals, whereas brother Lewis leaves the lifestyle for the betterment of his family. The two are distanced by the drug, and David makes things worse by using his drug money to try to woo his brother’s wife and impress his nephew.

“David’s intent is to show that he can do better,” said Britton, 26.

He said the murder of his cousin’s friend for being involved in “meth-related activity” sparked his interest to read the book Methland, and there was no going back.

“My story is to focus on the user and his reason for doing so,” Britton said. “I paint a real picture on why people would be involved with this type of drug.”

Britton, of Arlington, shot a majority of his film in the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas and the rest in the Metroplex.

Grad student Gabriel Duran’s film, The Mule, also portrays the negative outcomes of the drug trade.

His film centers on Marco, a man in his early 30s who lives in Nuevo Laredo.

“It’s basically a lawless city. You are dealing with corrupt police and government officials because they often work with the cartels,” Duran said.

The border city has experienced drug violence for more than a decade. In May 2012, 23 people were found hanging from bridges and decapitated near City Hall because of the drug mafia.

“I know people who live there and have seen extreme violence firsthand,” said Duran, of Arlington. “It ends up badly for a lot of them.”

Marco must take extreme measures to escape the gore and tragedy caused by clashes between drug cartels.

Duran is in the middle of writing his script and plans to start shooting in March.


Jean Patrick- Mahoney

Grad student Jean-Patrick Mahoney took a different route writing his script, Phone Coast.

He said his film is about a woman in her early 80s who gets a cellphone from her daughter despite her resistance.

“It’s about the insatiable need for newness and technology, which inevitably makes life for her more complicated,” said Mahoney, 30, of Dallas.

The problem is, the phone is haunted.

The haunting is a byproduct of owning a phone, and unlike others, this woman is not ready to accept the negative aspects of technology, he said.

Mahoney will begin casting for his film after spring break.

Voyager and Not Abel are both in the post-production phase and will be available for viewing at the UT Arlington Student Film/Video Organization’s spring 2014 festival at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth.

Smith’s critically acclaimed film, Wolf , was released on iTunes Tuesday.

Though the students might take different paths, from teaching to focusing on feature films, they all agree they want to be like Smith.

Smith, 33, said: “My job is to push them to become the best them. We are very selective about who we accept. We push them to tell stories that are going to resonate when an audience gets up and walks out,” Smith said.

Feltrup-Exum plans to graduate in May 2015 and wants to work in feature films. He thanks Smith for helping him dig deeper in his script.


For the full article please click here.


Apophenia Underground : “ᗺ”

Apophenia Underground, artist collaborative co-founded by MFA Graduate Jeff Gibbons of Detroit, Michigan and Visiting Professor Justin Ginsberg of Dallas, Texas (best known for their recent curatorial project Deep Ellum Windows), will exhibit works made by the collaborative as an extension of their self-titled ongoing project which utilizes the open road as a studio/exhibition space, and the inherent change, chance, objects, and environments as material.

Last summer for approximately 7 weeks, they drove throughout the United States, covering some 13,000 miles. They set up camp in remote woods, stayed in cheap hotels/motels, and slept on the occasional couch, while making multi-media work and documenting the experience.

Red Arrow Contemporary will host the first exhibit of these artworks and artifacts since their return with an exhibition titled "ᗺ", with an opening on February 22nd. Join us in celebrating this unique collaborative venture where two artists use the open road to push themselves in new directions.


Red Arrow Contemporary

1130 Dragon St. Suite 110, Dallas, Texas 75207

Saturday, February 22, 2014 6- 9pm

Visiting Artist: Nancy Callan

Nancy Callan, is a glass artist currently living in Seattle Washington. Her work explores the notion of play as an important component in creativity. She is influenced by the bright colors and inflated shapes found in comic books and toys, and by the playful spirit of the unconscious mind. This is the place where she feels free to explore and imagine.

 Nancy Callan exhibits her work nationally and internationally. She has had recent solo exhibitions at Traver gallery in Washington, Habatat Galleries, and Palm Springs art Museum. She has completed residencies at the Tacoma Museum of Glass, and Wheaton Village in Rhode Island. She has recently returned from a solo exhibition in Qatar, and was featured on a TED talk in 2011 ( 

Lecture: Monday February 17: 5:30pm : SAC C145

Demonstrations: Tuesday, February 18, 9am- 5pm (with a lunch break around 1230)

Demonstrations: Wednesday, February 19, 9am- 5pm (with a lunch breakaround 1230)


2014 Mixed Media Painting: Sale and Exhibition.

The Mixed Media Painting Exhibition has become an annual event in the painting area showcasing the small works the Mixed Media Painting students make in developing ideas. There are many wonderful examples of mixed media as it is used in contemporary painting among this body of works as well as a variety of materials and techniques in conjunction with painting.

Come join the mixed media painting class as they showcase and sell their work. Come to Gallery West at the Studio Arts Center, 810 s. Davis Street from Feb. 24-28th for the exhibition and Wednesday Feb. 26th from 5:30-8pm for the sale.

MFA Candidate Maryam Rezaei Selected for ‘Rising Eyes of Texas’


Rising Eyes of Texas brings together emerging student artists from across Texas. 36 artists from 19 Texas colleges and universities will be on display. Every year Rockport Center for the Arts hosts a statewide juried exhibition for undergraduate and graduate students emerging in the visual arts. Prizewinners are awarded to the top three artworks and selected by an invited juror.

Maryam Rezaei is an international student in her second year in the Visual Commutations MFA program at University of Texas at Arlington. Her piece, entitled "Bitter Dance" expresses some limitations for Muslim women in different countries around the world. In this piece the woman's dance has been removed of all happiness, and she is covered completely, not by her own choice. 

James S Barnett Jr. Foundation Ideas in Art : Spring 2014


The Art + Art History department at the UTA is pleased to announce the exhibition for the 2014 Ideas in Art Award recipients. Sharon Turner, Ryan Britton, and Gladys Chow will be displaying work they were able to realize from the financial support of this award.

Ideas in Art was established by the James S Barnett Jr. Foundation to encourage students to:

·      Formulate and present project proposals to a panel of jurors

·      Simulate the competitive environment of grant proposition

·      Offer strong participants financial support for their creative endeavors.

The recipients will be present for the reception on Wednesday, February 19 from 4pm-6pm. The Ideas in Art exhibition runs from February 10th – 21st at Gallery West located in the Studio Art Center (SAC) 810 S. Davis St., Arlington, TX.

MFA Candidate Gladys Chow Wins ‘The Excellence Prize Award’


MFA candidate Gladys Chow’s illustration series has been selected for 'The Excellence Prize Award' on the 2013 SOKI (The Society of Korea Illusart) competition. SOKI has provided the opportunity to become an honorary member of the society and to participate in their future international exhibitions. These illustrations are part of a poster series that explores the meanings of Chinese symbols and their cultural significance. Each poster contains an illustration of a symbol that represents a season of the year. Illustrations were completed in the 2012 Fall.

Chow has been asked to join the society and participate in the International exhibition, which is sponsored by the society and held biannually.

Art History Student Union & Studio Movie Grill presents The Monuments Men

The Art History Student Union (AHSU), in collaboration with the Studio Movie Grill, and with the support of the Art +Art History Department, proudly presents a private screening of The Monuments Men, this upcoming Monday, February 17th, 2014 at 6:30pm. This film showcases a story which is extremely important to the history of our careers as art historians and artists alike and which speaks to the very passion for the worlds culture that so many of our colleagues actively represent in today’s modern society! Please join us for an exciting evening of film to celebrate the art, artifacts, and culture which are so vitally important to the world. 

Ya’Ke Smith’s WOLF now on iTunes, Vudu, XBox, PlayStation, Amazon and Google Play

Professor Ya'Ke Smith's multiple award-winning drama, WOLF, is now available for digital download. The film, which deals with sexual abuse in the church, can be downloaded via iTunes, Vudu, XBox, PlayStation, Amazon and Google Play. NPR called Professor Smith's film "an impressive work by a young director," and the film was named on top ten film lists by Ebony Magazine, NPR and Shadow & Act. Click here to purchase from iTunes.


Maryam Rezaei Grand Prize Winner in International Illustration Company

Maryam Rezaei is the Grand Prize Winner of the Society of Korea Illusart International Illustration & Design Competition. Rezaei made a series of illustrations based on her experiences as a foreign person in the United States. These illustrations were made in the fall of 2013 while studying painting with Marilyn Jolly and visual communication with Robert Hower.

He worked was influenced by healthy eating, healthy lifestyles, food , advertising, weird fashion, strange vehicles, and human relationships. Her work was selected as Grand Prize between entries from 17 countries from around the world and in 8 categories including illustration, typography, and communication design.

Maryam is an international MFA student in her 2nd year of studies in Visual Communication Design.

McNair Scholar in Art History Spring 2014

The McNair Scholars Program at The University of Texas at Arlington is pleased to announce Kristen Semento as the McNair Scholar in Art History for the Spring 2014 program entry.

The McNair Scholars Program is a federal TRIO program funded at 200 institutions across the United States and Puerto Rico by the U.S. Department of Education. It is designed to prepare undergraduate students for doctoral studies through involvement in research and other scholarly activities. McNair participants are either first-generation college students with financial need, or members of a group that is traditionally underrepresented in graduate education and have demonstrated strong academic potential. The goal of the McNair Scholars Program is to increase graduate degree awards for students from underrepresented segments of society.

The 2014 EyeO Festival Selects Senior Lecturer Mihyun Kim as a Winner

Senior Lecturer Mihyun Kim has been selected to be one of the 2014 EyeO Festival Artist Fellowship winners. 40 finalists were selected and narrowed down to 5.This opportunity includes one free pass to the EyeO Festival and a seat in the pre-festival Workshops.

About the EyeO festival:

It’s an exciting time to be interested in art, interaction, and information. The way we experience all three is changing. The way all three interact and overlap is evolving. Access to data and tools continues to enter new realms. What data is—is changing; it’s a social media feed, it’s a physical sensor, it’s a houseplant, a novel, it’s open access to oceans of digitized archives and more and more APIs. What can we do with all this data? What can’t we do? Artists, designers and coders build and bend technology and give us a glimpse into what’s possible, into what’s next. Ones and zeros float all around us just waiting to deliver the next new interaction. The Eyeo Festival brings together the most intriguing and exciting people in these arenas today.

We start with a day of pre-festival workshops and the 2nd edition of the Eyeo Summit. That night we kick off Eyeo with keynotes and a mixer. Then it’s three days of inspirational talks, demos, and labs and plenty of opportunities to connect with people whose extraordinary creations are pushing the envelope. The line up is amazing. A cast of brilliant individuals creates one amazing collection of talent and insight. Add yourself to the mix, and it just gets better. Converge to Inspire – Indeed.

Come to Eyeo if you’re interested in:
- Art & Technology
- Creative Code
- Data Visualization
- Design
- Experience Design / Storytelling
- Interactive Installations / Architecture & Interaction
- Physical Inputs / Gestural Computing / Kinect Hacks
- Physical Outputs / 3D Printing / Arduino
- Processing / OpenFrameworks / Cinder

Senior Lecturer Bryan Florentin Receives Award

Bryan Florentin’s photograph, Record 11.1,was awarded first prize at a juried exhibition at Williams Tower Gallery in Houston. Rock Hushka, Curator of Contemporary and Northwest Art at the Tacoma Art Museum juried the exhibition. He traveled to Houston to select the award-wining work in person and announced the awards during the opening reception on January 22. Assistance League of Houston sponsors this annual exhibition. Recent jurors include Robin Clark, Curator at the San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art and Irene Hofmann, Director and Chief Curator at SITE Santa Fe.

*Updated* Art + Art History Open House

The Art + Art History Department, in the College of Liberal Arts, would like you to join us for our open house in conjunction with our NASAD student creative work review and the opening of he Faculty Biennial XIV show. Artwork completed during the previous two semesters by our students will be on display throughout the art building along with scheduled demonstrations in the Studio Art Center and the Fine Arts Building. Please save the date and join us for the first UT Arlington Studio, Media Art, and Art History Open House.

The open house runs 1pm - 5pm concluding with the Faculty Biennial XIV Art and Research Exhibition, Reception from 5:30-8:00pm on Friday, January 31st. All events and exhibitions are free and open to the public and will be held in the Fine Arts building as well as the Studio Arts Center. All students, faculty, staff and their families, as well as members of the local community are encouraged to attend. For more information please contact the Art + Art History Department at 817.272.2891 or visit us online at We look forward to seeing you there!


Studio Arts Center: 810 S. Davis Drive, Arlington TX 76010

Silk Screen Photo Based Printmaking Demonstration Studio Arts Center #B124, 1:00-4:00pm  (Graduate Students)

Mixed Media Painting Demonstration Studio Arts Center #121, 1:00-4:30pm (Painting Students)

Neon – Illuminated Glass and Sculpture Studio Arts Center #160, 2:00-3:00pm (Don Beck, Visiting Artist)

Sculpture Foundry Pour Studio Arts Center #161, 3:00pm (Darryl Lauster, Francis Giampietro, Faculty)

Modern and Traditional Glass Techniques Studio Arts Center #146, 3:30pm (Justin Ginsberg, Faculty)


Fine Arts Building: 502 S. Cooper Street, Arlington TX 76019

Workshop: Drawing Session (Materials Provided) Fine Arts Building - North Section - 2nd floor #290A, 1:00-2:30pm (H. Schenck, Faculty)

Filmmakers:Art Direction and Set Design___A Spaceship

Art Direction with Gyorgy Beck and Brendan Feltrup-Exum

Presentation of latest scene production, tour of the studio Fine Arts Building - North Section - 1st floor #134, 3:00-3:45pm

Short Narrative, Documentary, and Animated Films in discussion of the program. Fine Arts Building - North Section - 1st floor #166, 4:00-5:00pm

Gaming Arts: Exhibition And Demonstration Showcasing Newest Work Fine Arts Building  North Section - 2nd floor #280, 1:00-4:30pm (Tuan Ho, Faculty, Josh Wilson, Graduate Student)

CorPro:3D Packaging System And Point Of Sale Display Demonstration Fine Arts Building North Section - 1st floor #155, 3:00pm (Ben Dolezal, Faculty)

Art Historian LecturesFine Arts Building - North Section -  2nd floor #2102A, 4:00-5:30pm:  

Dr. Melia Belli, Taj Mahal

Dr. Ben Lima, Richard Serra 

Dr. Mary Vaccaro, Leonardo da Vinci

Color Photography With Digital Tools Review Fine Arts Building - North Section - 2nd floor, 2:00-4:00pm

Large scale cyanotype demonstration (Daniel Miller, undergrad senior)
Tintype portrait demonstration (Scott Hilton, Faculty)
Large scale inkjet photo print demonstration (Kenda North, Faculty and Jackson Echols, grad)
How a Digital Image is constructed on a computer demonstration (Andy Ortiz, Faculty)
Tours of the photo area by members of FOCUS, our student organization
Juried exhibition of student work from the photo area

Sound Studio Demo Fine Arts Building - North Section - 2nd floor #284, 1:00-4:00pm (Ryan Britton, Graduate Student)

 App. Concept Development Demo Fine Arts Building - North Section – 2nd floor #295A, 2:00-5:00pm (Gladys Chow, Ginnie Hsu, Graduate Student)

More about our Entrepreneurship Initiative Fine Arts Building - North Section - 2nd floor #280B, 3:30-4:30pm (Matt Clark, Faculty)

Jonathan Campbell & Tanya Dowdey African Art Collection and Exhibit Fine Arts Building - North Section - 2nd floor #2109, 1:00-5:00pm (Rita Lasater, Curator VRC, Cheryl Mitchell, Faculty and Collections Specialist)

Guided Tours Of The Fine Arts Building, Studio Arts Center, (Letterpress Facility) 1:00pm, 2:00pm, 3:00pm (Art Advisors)

Concluding with:
Faculty Biennial XIV Art And Research Exhibition, Reception: Conversation, Refreshment, And Music Fine Arts - North Section - 1st floor #169, 5:30-8:00pm

A UTA Music Department Jazz Triowill start to perform at 5:00pm at the Gallery at UTA in the North Wing of the Fine Arts Building. Daniel Cavanagh, Brian Mulholland and Jerrett Shedd will play during the Faculty Biennial XIV Art and Research Exhibition.

National and International Recognition for Professor Carlos Donjuan

Carlos Donjuan received Over 2,000 votes and was selected as New American Paintings Reader’s Choice Artist of 2013. Donjuan will receive $500 in cash from New American Paintings and $1000 in gift certificates to our annual prize sponsor Dick Blick Art Materials. Below Donjuan speaks about his current project and its inspiration.

“My current body of work deals with the idea of illegal aliens. As a kid, I remember hearing the term and not knowing what it meant. I always wondered what everyone was talking about and imagined weird creatures. I wanted to know what they looked like and wanted to meet one. As I got older, I figured out that people were talking about me. I wasn’t much different from everyone else except for the fact that I was born on the other side of a border. It was a little heartbreaking, I guess, but I used the negativity to fuel my work. Now, as an adult, I’ve revisited the idea of what I used to think an illegal alien looked like. I’ve started to revisit and interpret those childhood memories in my paintings. So now you find masked figures, hybrid animal people, pyramids, and blob creatures that represent aliens who are on a journey to a better life.” – Carlos Daniel Donjuan, 2013

Additionally Professor Donjuan will be traveling to Italy for a show on February 13, 2014 in Milan. He has worked diligently to complete all new pieces that will be exhibited at Antonio Colombo Arte Contemporanea Gallery and he has been invited on an all-expense paid trip to Milan courtesy of the gallery.

Samantha Mattice-Lowery Artist/Rapper Sam Lao

Alumna Samantha Mattice-Lowery, Visual Communication Fall 2014, is getting noticed in the Dallas music scene. She is adding Rapper to an already impressive list of Sculptor, Painter, and Graphic Designer. Sam Lao, her stage name, released an EP  “West Pantego” in August of 2013 and she’s been riding a whirlwind of local celebrity ever since.  Her success was recently covered in a article which is almost certainly the first of many. Congratulations and many well wishes on the current and assuredly upcoming achievements in art and music.


“Let the Drip From the Ceiling Become an 8 Foot Hole in the Roof” Jeff Gibbons

Art Ball Prize winner and current CentralTrak artist-in-residence Jeff Gibbons opens a solo exhibition entitled Let the Drip From the Ceiling Become an 8 Foot Hole in the Roof in CentralTrak’s gallery. The exhibition’s name is derived from Gibbons’ experience renovating a derelict home in Detroit, Michigan. The gallery installation includes several repurposed television sets with looping video and unexpectedly humble sculptural works. In this exhibition, Jeff Gibbons’ artworks unite to create a surprisingly meditative and melancholy atmosphere.

Jeff Gibbons received his MFA in Intermedia at the University of Texas at Arlington. He has most recently received the Dallas Museum of Art: Art Ball Prize. His work was exhibited at the Dallas Art Fair and included in the silent auction at the DMA’s sold-out fundraiser, the Art Ball. He has notably started artist collaborative Apophenia Underground with fellow artist Justin Ginsberg, who have received a great deal of attention for their curatorial projects in vacant retail spaces in Deep Ellum. Gibbons has had solo exhibitions at Oliver Francis Gallery, The McKinney Ave Contemporary, and 500x and has participated in several group exhibitions through various venues, including the Texas Biennial, the Dallas Biennial (online), El Centro College, and Conduit Gallery, Dallas, TX.


Date: January 25 – March 22, 2014

Opening Reception: Saturday January 25, 8pm-10pm

CentralTrak: 800 Exposition Ave Dallas, Texas 75226

Dr.Mary Vaccaro Visiting Professor at The Harvard University Center for Italian Renaissance Studies

To conduct her research, in addition to a UT-Arlington Faculty Development Leave for the upcoming academic year, Mary Vaccaro has been appointed to serve as Visiting Professor at the prestigious Villa I Tatti-The Harvard University Center for Italian Renaissance Studies, in Italy, during Spring Semester, 2015.  She is honored at the prospect of returning to Villa I Tatti, where, in 1988-99, she held one of the fifteen post-doctoral fellowships awarded annually to junior scholars worldwide.

The Harvard University Center for Italian Renaissance Studies at Villa I Tatti is the foremost research institution in the world for Italian Renaissance art, history, literature, and music. Harvard University inherited Villa I Tatti and its estate outside Florence from the distinguished art historian Bernard Berenson, together with his vast collection of books, photographs, and works of art. Shortly before his death in 1959, Berenson wrote that his "first and foremost wish is to establish fellowships that will provide leisure and tranquility to sixteen or more promising students." Nothing opens mind and heart like free discussion of gifted maturing individuals, coming together with their own national traditions and differing attitudes and approaches.

The Berenson Library, with holdings of nearly 175,000 volumes, and subscriptions to over 600 scholarly journals, seeks to provide comprehensive coverage of current scholarship on all aspects of the Italian Renaissance. The library includes an extensive and historically important photograph collection, with over 250,000 prints, an archive that documents the lives and work of Bernard and Mary Berenson, and the Morrill Music Library, considered one of the finest in the world for medieval and Renaissance music. The historic house contains a major collection of Renaissance and Asian art, installed much as it was in Berenson¹s day. I Tatti also consists of a working farm and a historic garden. Since it was completed in 1915, the Italianate garden designed by Cecil Pinsent has provided inspiration for generations of designers and scholars.

Yoko Ono Fan Club

Yoko Ono Fan Club is conceived in the spirit of Fluxus, in the belief that absurdity, play, arbitrariness, and randomness (among other qualities) are forms of resistance to and negation of one-dimensionality–marked by an elevation of Reason above all–as described by Herbert Marcuse in One-Dimensional Man. While the text was published in the 1960s and the forces in play have evolved, we still believe the paths mentioned above to be viable and useful in the present day. In this spirit we invite works ranging from instructional texts, performance scores, proposals for happenings, performances, and the like, to more traditionally mediated though noless- subversive works, installations, so-called ‘new media’, interactive works of all sorts, as well as documentation, propositions, manifestos, papers, and any other sorts of cultural production that are in the spirit of this call for work and proposals.! Alison Starr's accepted works are: "31 actions: a book", and a video "Two Rolls Maybe More". Works will be exhibited at the Visual Studies Gallery at UB Art Gallery, Center for the Arts, Buffalo, NY.!

Ways of Studying Art History: South Asia and the World

Professor of  Art History, Dr. Melia Belli Bose, and Art History Alumna, Marti Moser, will be presenting papers at the 2014 “Ways of Studying Art History: South Asia and the World”. The event will be held Monday, February 10, 2014, at the Central Library, 6th floor: 1:00 – 5:00 pm.



Dr. Nilakshi Veerabathina- Welcome

Dr. Melia Belli Bose- Recent Buddhist Art in India

Dr. Karabi Bezboruah- NGOs and Development: Service Delivery Techniques

Dr. Amy Speier- “Wombs for Rent?” Surrogacy Tourism in India

Marti Moser- Akbar: Mughal Emperor as Axis-Mundi

Dr. Ritu Gairola- Khanduri Comic Books in India

Dr. Mark Cichock- Introduction of Keynote Speaker

Dr. Archana Verma- Ways of Studying Art History: South Asia and the World

Bart Weiss is a Mastermind

Professor Bart Weiss was named a Mastermind by the Dallas Observer and The Art + Art History department couldn’t agree more.

 The Dallas Observer annually selects a group of Masterminds and awards them with $1,000 each. “Masterminds” are selected in the fields of -- film, visual art, stage, activism -- to identify and honor those fostering “artful eruption” in the Dallas Scene. With intentionally loose parameters the committee may select an artist who over several decades was essential to the evolution of the city or whose bold decisions changed the outside perception of Dallas.

Below is the profile written on Professor Weiss and for the full article please go to the  Dallas Observer website.

Bart Weiss: Videographer, Festival Maker

 It seems like only minutes after sitting down with Bart Weiss that we're trading podcast recommendations. Because I'm easily distracted, I forget for a moment that we're in an interview as we start talking about the intimacy created by having a person speaking directly into your ear while on a jog.

Weiss is the man behind the Dallas Videofest, now going into its 27th year, and an independent film director, producer and editor. He's been a video columnist for The Dallas Morning News (among others) and teaches art and history at University of Texas at Arlington. So it's no surprise he's media-obsessed.

"We live a very mediated existence," he says. "There's so much media out there the problem is how to find what's uplifting. ... After 20 minutes on a phone or laptop no one says, 'Boy, that was a really productive time.'" Weiss is fixated on finding ways to make the time we all spend in front of a screen worthwhile.

Eschewing the popular juggernauts of film festivals, like Sundance, Weiss follows lesser-known festivals like INPUT around the world, watching for films for bringing back to Dallas. In 2013 the Videofest screened True Tales, the story of Tami True, a dancer at the Carousel Club run by Oswald assassin Jack Ruby; Vessel, about Women on the Waves, an organization that travels to countries where abortion is illegal and carries women into international waters to perform the procedure; and footage recorded from Google Glass, the company's new eyewear computer.

Originally from Philadelphia, Weiss moved to Dallas in the early '80s, when he says it seemed like everyone in the country was moving here. He spent his free time working at music video clubs, showing Talking Heads videos as soon as they were released thanks to connections he made at local offices of major recording labels.

"I believe profoundly that you can change the world through media," Weiss says. Audio and video are unique among media for their power to install empathy (Weiss believes that commercials featuring African-American families did more than anything else to humanize them for the rest of the country), and he feels an almost moral duty to bring to light stories people wouldn't see otherwise. That extends to films and media Weiss makes and ones that he brings to the festival.

Unlike many artists who feel drained by teaching, Weiss thrives off the creative energy of his students. Between organizing for the festival and teaching his classes, Weiss still finds time to work on his own projects. In April, Frame of Mind, the show he produces for local public television, returns for an eight-episode run. He's close to finishing a documentary on the Denton-based polka band Brave Combo, the headliners for the first concert in West after the disastrous fertilizer explosion. Brave Combo, according to Weiss, were perfectly suited: "Listening to them makes you feel joyous in a way that few things do." -- Luke Darby

The Faculty Biennial XIV

The Gallery at The University of Texas at Arlington is pleased to present its fourteenth “Faculty Biennial,” a showcase for recent work created by the Department of Art and Art History faculty. Scheduled every two years, this exhibition presents a sampling of what the art professors accomplish in their creative endeavors outside the classroom. The 2014 exhibition, which runs January 13 though February 8, features 35 faculty members working in a wide variety of media including painting, sculpture, ceramics, photography, glass, film/video, digital imaging and visual communication. In addition, the department's art historians have examples of recent publications on display.

"The Faculty Biennial XIV is an opportunity for our talented faculty to experiment with new ideas and creatively investigate new modes of expression. I think our students and visitors will enjoy seeing what the faculty do in their studios," said gallery curator Benito Huerta.

In association with the exhibition, several of the artists will discuss their work in a series of noontime gallery talks on selected Wednesdays and Thursdays throughout the exhibition. The dates for the talks are Wednesdays, January 22 and February 5, and Thursdays, January 16 and 30.

The exhibit and all events are free and open to the public.

For more information, contact Benito Huerta 817-272-3143 or Patricia Healy 817-272-5658.

 Gallery Hours: Monday-Friday 10 A.M. - 5 P.M., Saturday 12 - 5P.M. Located on first floor in room 169 at the north end of the Fine Arts Building, UTA Campus, 502 S. Cooper St., Arlington, Texas. 







Fall 2013 Outstanding Seniors

Outstanding Senior

The Department of Art and Art History is proud to announce the Outstanding Senior Award winners for our Fall 2013 graduating class. Each semester the faculty has an opportunity to nominate a graduating senior for the Outstanding Senior Award in each of the areas of concentration.


Art Certification

Kristy Rich


Josh Perry


Lizette Barrera


Linda Ostman


Casey Holder


Jan Chin

Visual Communication

Bailey Blanchone

Laurel Cabrera

Art History

Meagan Severson



Photography Faculty Scholarship

The senior photo faculty looks for continuing photography majors who show the most promise or who have realized a significant body of work. 

Daniel Miller



Barnett Foundation Photography Awards


The James S. Barnett Jr. Foundation was established in 1998 by Kyong Ju, Jesse and Mia Barnett as a memorial to their late husband and father, James S. Barnett Jr. James S. Barnett Jr. was a helicopter ambulance pilot who lost his life trying to save the victim of a car accident in 1993. The James S Barnett Jr. Foundation is a non-profit charitable foundation dedicated to enhancing the lives of people through religion, arts, education, science, and collaborative community projects. 


In support of The University of Texas at Arlington’s fine arts community, The James S. Barnett Jr. Foundation wishes to support and recognize visual artists and art historians enrolled at UTA through the Ideas in Art Awards annual competition. The intent of the Ideas in Art Awards competition is to encourage students to: Formulate and present project proposals in written and oral form to a panel of jurors Simulate the competitive environment of grant proposition Offer strong participants financial support for their creative endeavors.


Megan DeSoto

Casey Holder

Daniel Miller

Art Review: Sedrick Huckaby’s ‘Big Mama’ and family at Valley House Gallery

Professor Sedrick Huckaby at the Valley House gallery.


Huckaby is one of the few major artists of color in Dallas-Fort Worth who is actually from here. He “got out of Dodge” first to Boston University, then to the most prestigious graduate school of art in the country, at Yale University, where he earned his Master of Fine Arts in 1999.

But unlike his fellow graduate students at Yale, most of whom entered the seething, competitive art worlds of New York or Los Angeles, Huckaby moved back to Fort Worth to spend time with the matriarch of his family, Hallie Beatrice Welcome Carpenter (1923-2008), known as “Big Mama,” to start a family of his own and to become an artist.

Today, he lives in south Fort Worth just a short drive from Big Mama’s house. The Valley House exhibition, “Everyday Glory,” includes more than 250 works completed there in the past year, an extraordinary output in anyone’s book. It is another chapter in a pictorial life teeming with humanity.


For the full article from the Dallas Morning News please go to

Lecturer and Collections Specialist Cheryl Mitchell

Lecturer and Collections Specialist Cheryl Mitchell of the Art History Department has been working heavily with the Jonathan A. Campbell and Tanya G. Dowdey African Art Collection in an effort to further develop the collection and the local community’s awareness of it’s presence. Though first donated in 2009, Mitchell recently began managing the collection in the Spring of 2013 and immediately began developing a community awareness program to share the invaluable educational resources this collection of artifacts and artworks has to offer, both to the campus and for the citizens of the surrounding local communities.

Recently, over Summer 2013, Mitchell has worked on an interactive website for the collection with colleagues Seiji Ikeda, Assistant Professor of Graphic Design/ Visual Communications and Leighton McWilliams, Associate Chair and Professor of the Art and Art History Department, as well as participated in an interview over the collection and it’s donors. Featuring both a pictorial in the Fall2013 UTA Magazine and a video on their coordinating UTA YouTube channel, these interviews and editorials have also begun to help spread the word to the masses.

For more information over the Jonathan A. Campbell and Tanya G. Dowdey African Art Collection or Collections Specialist Cheryl Mitchell, please visit these links:


 To visit the African Art collection's webpage, click here!

Fall 2013 BFA Senior Exhibition

Work by 40 students of the Bachelor of Fine Arts program features painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, glass, printmaking, film/video, photography/digital imaging, and visual communication. For those pursuing a bachelor's degree in Fine Arts, the BFA exhibition at the end of each semester is something to look forward to. Artists from the all areas of Art + Art History come together for a gallery meant to pull the best art by graduating seniors. The BFA show is both an introduction of and farewell from the included artists to the university community.The BFA Show is open to the public now, but the formal introduction of the artwork will take place from 2:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. Saturday Dec. 14th 2013 at the Gallery at UTA in the Fine Arts Building. Gallery hours 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday, noon-5 p.m. 

Stephen Lapthisophon at the DMA

Friends and colleagues since 1974, when they crossed paths in Austin, artist Stephen Lapthisophon, featured in the DMA's Concentrations: 56 exhibition, and actor John Judd, who has appeared on stage throughout Chicago and Off Broadway in New York, have a long history. Join them for a discussion of Lapthisophon’s work, as Judd, a formally trained painter himself, has witnessed the artist’s work change and evolve over their almost forty-year friendship.



7:30 PM, Thursday, 05 Dec, 2013 


Dallas Museum of Art 

1717 North Harwood Street

Dallas, TX 75201

Alternative Reflection Group Exhibition

Nov. 12th-Nov. 16th closing reception on the 16th @6:00pm


Drawings, Paintings, Prints, Crafts, Pop, Expression... You name it. This Artist Collective is bringing together a comprehensive exhibition that bridges Academic and Urban Art to contrast/compare/complement one another. 

We are creating an alternative reflection.

 The Basement Gallery in Bishop Arts District in Dallas 115 S. BECKLEY AVE., Dallas, Texas 75203

Mark O'Neal Kimberlin

Ellie Alonzo

Jenn Smith

Andrew Blake Kimberlin Sr

Elisa Guardiola

Alyssa Chi

Viktor Ortix

Tony Gomez

Raymond Butler

Matt Douglas

Laura Garcia 

Kristina Townsend 

Galib Najafov

Max Morris

Thomas Caleb Menikos 

Ryan Piper

Gracie Piper 

Elizabeth Fieler

Michelle Pennington

Professor Ya’Ke Smith in Austin

Ya'Ke Smith is the writer of the upcoming film "Heaven." It's a follow-up to Smith's critically-praised film "Wolf." It's part of a trilogy dealing with children and sexuality. "Wolf" is about a child who is molested by his pastor. "Heaven" is about a young woman who is manipulated into sex trafficking.

The Austin Chronicle and KUT both covered the script reading for what is being called “a script with guts”. For More Information please follow the link below.

MFA Candidate Jean Fernandes Selected for Multiple National Exhibitions

MFA candidate in glass, Jean Fernandes, has been chosen to participate in 5 different shows and exhibits across the nation.


Walter Greer Gallery, Hilton Head Island, SC

Imagine: Craft Hilton Head 2013

December 5, 2013 - Jan 6, 2014


A Non-Traditional Gallery (Formerly "Art/Not Terminal Gallery), Seattle, WA

Changes: 25 years off the beaten path

October 5-27, 2013


Arterie Fine Arts Gallery, Naperville, IL

All About Colors

October 5-30, 2013


Wichita State University, Shift Space Gallery, Wichita, KS

Dissociative: Pushing Against the Norm

October 30-Nov 30


Lucky Street Gallery, Key West, FL

New Art, New Artists '13

November 29, 30 and Dec 1


Greater Denton Arts Council, Denton, TX

Materials: Hard & Soft

February 7-April 4


Fernandes was born in Bangalore, India and currently lives, works and is pursuing her MFA in Arlington, Texas. She was introduced to glass while earning her BA in design at San Jose State University in California but continues to work in many different mediums. She has studied glass at a number of facilities including the Pilchuck Glass School, the Bay Area Glass Institute, and the Pittsburgh Glass Center.


Artist Statement

My current body of work deals with interaction. I am curious about how things and people influence, affect and interact with each other. I find myself contemplating how or why a person can experience a change in their average day based on the occurrence of a unique and unusual event. Or how a life can completely change for the better or worse based on a single decision. On a more personal level, this idea represents how things that have happened to me have changed the person I grew up to be. I often wonder who my alternative self would have been had I not grown up experiencing or being exposed to certain things. Nothing exists without being affected by something else and it is these ideas that have led me to utilize the medium of glass to explore what interaction means to me.

Design Expo

AIGA UTA Student Group will host its largest event of the year in welcoming four speakers, an alumni panel and gallery reception on Thursday, November 7th from 2:00-9:30pm.

There is more to design than just making stuff. A lot of thought and questioning goes on during the process which involves critical outside the box thinking. It is a tool used for creating experiences and solving complex problems through a variety of mediums. Everyone may define design a bit differently so AIGA UTA aims to provide those different ideas and unique perspectives to help educate and open the mind to what design can be.

You don't have to be a designer to go to the event, this event is open to all students and the public. The program for the day is below:

2:00pm–3:15pm Diana Tran from Google
3:30pm–4:45pm Lily Smith-Kirkley of Lilco Letterpress
5:00pm–5:45pm Alumni Gallery Reception
5:45pm–6:30pm Alumni Panel Q&A discussion
6:45pm–8:00pm Josh Ege, TAMU Professor
8:15pm–9:30pm Gordon Clines from Oven Bits

For more info about AIGA UTA:


Wild Pony Editions

Art+Art History and UTA Printmakers are holding the first annual Wild Pony Edition letterpress card, poster and hand-bound book sale next Friday, 8 November from 10-5. Proceeds from the sale will help to fund graduate and undergraduate conference participation, potential scholarships to attend workshops, and support Wild Pony Editions. We hope that you will come and support this new, student and alumni run and managed entrepreneurial initiative. If you have any questions, please contact Professor Nancy Palmeri at or  for more information. You can follow us on Twitter @UTAPrintmaking.

Professor Stephen Lapthisophon in Debut DMA Show

Dallas, TX—October 24, 2013— Dallas-based artist Stephen Lapthisophon will present an installation featuring new works on paper, mural elements, and found objects at the Dallas Museum of Art in his first solo museum exhibition. Concentrations 56: Stephen Lapthisophon­­­—coffee, seasonal fruit, root vegetables, and “Selected Poems,”on view October 27, 2013, through March 30, 2014, is part of the Concentrations series of project-based solo exhibitions by international emerging and under-represented artists. The series began in 1981 as part of the DMA’s commitment to showing the work of living artists, while preserving the excitement of the work.

“The Dallas Museum of Art is very pleased to be the first museum to present the work of Stephen Lapthisophon, a North Texas artist, in both his first solo exhibition and as part of our long-standing Concentrations series,” said Maxwell L. Anderson, The Eugene McDermott Director of the Dallas Museum of Art. “For more than thirty years, Concentrations has showcased large-scale installations of over fifty emerging artists,with the goal of making the work of contemporary artists more accessible to DMA audiences.”

Stephen Lapthisophon openly embraces chance and mistake, as evidenced by the accidental nature of his gestural mark-making. In his installations and collaged works on paper, he rejects ideas of high polish and refined craftsmanship in favor of a chaotic, de-skilled aesthetic that is open to chance; humble materials; and the experiences of daily life. His work often employs food materials such as eggshells and coffee grounds that imbue his work with a palpable material presence that is at once fragile and ephemeral.

Other elements such as pigment infused with saffron or bacon fat, or sprigs of rosemary scattered throughout the space, call upon our sense of smell, creating a full-sensory art experience. The artist’s interest in a full-sensory experience of art relates back to his loss of sight in the early 1990s, resulting from an optic nerve disease. Now legally blind, Lapthisophon’s work goes beyond the typical realm of the visual and encourages viewers to think of radically different possibilities for artistic production.

“Stephen has been an influential mentor to a generation of emerging artists from North Texas, and it is a privilege to showcase his richly layered, thought-provoking work for the community at large,” added Gabriel Ritter, The Nancy and Tim Hanley Assistant Curator of Contemporary Art.

For his current installation at the Dallas Museum of Art, Lapthisophon has created a space reminiscent of his studio, in which walls layer and obscure space, similar to his collage technique. Works on paper—some framed, others pinned directly to the wall—will be joined by anachronistic objects such as an antique record player, milk crate, and desk. These objects, much like the ubiquitous text throughout Lapthisophon’s work, are carefully selected for their datedness, and they function as a form of quotation, alluding to past moments or literary/philosophical references.

Lapthisophon studied comparative literature and theory at Northwestern University and received his M.F.A. from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1979. He spent the next thirty years living and working in the Chicago area. In August 2007, he relocated to Dallas after participating in the University of Texas at Dallas’s Artist in Residence program. Lapthisophon was the recipient of the 2012 Moss/Chumley Artist Award, given annually to an outstanding North Texas artist. In 2008, Lapthisophon was awarded the prestigious Wynn Newhouse Award for artists with disabilities. He has taught at Columbia College in Chicago, the School of the Art Institute, and the University of Texas at Dallas. Lapthisophon currently teaches art and art history at the University of Texas at Arlington, and has exhibited at various institutions and galleries throughout the U.S. and Europe. 

Art + Art History Students in 500x Juried Competition

Photography students were well represented at the juried competition at 500X in Dallas, "Student Discount".  Grad student Jackson Echols exhibited his large-scale landscape diptychs; undergrad students who were chosen for the show were Joel Constantine, Heather VanDerDys, Priscilla Ruiz and Sara Poyfair.  The exhibit was on view from october 11 through the 27th.  The jurors for this year's competition were LauraLee Brott, Jessica Iannuzzi Garcia and UTA Art + Art History alumnus Lisa Hees from the McKinney Ave. Contemporary in Dallas.

Visiting Artist : Cauleen Smith

Cauleen Smith received her B.A. form the School of Creative Arts at San Francisco State University and her M.F.A. from UCLA School of Theater-Television-Film. For the past several years Cauleen Smith has produced multi-channel film and video installations that incorporate sculptural objects and text. Her interests roam from her roots in structuralist filmmaking to afro-futurist narrative strategies. Materials and form are central interests which are applied to projects as the project itself demands thereby making the body of Smith's work unpredictably varied and diverse. Smith is producing a series of films, objects, and events  (of which Fullness is a part) that explore the psychogeography of American cities in which the intersection of black cultural production and the urban landscape created significant and global musical innovation.

Recent projects include Washington Park Space Stations - two site specific immersive installations that invite psychedelic and bucolic contemplation. "17" is a series of hand screenprinted wallpapers which ruminate on sound. Black Utopia LP: a cauleen smith movie is double vinyl LP records accompanied by 35mm slides ruminating on history, science, and impossibility. Smith lives and works in Chicago, Illinois.

Maryam Rezaei accepted into Animax Skopje International Animation Festival

Maryam Rezaei's animated short film entitled "Democracy" was recently accepted into the Animax Skopje International Animation Festival in Macedonia. The film is about the corruption and abuse of power that occurs when one man uses others to achieve power for himself. The animation was created by Maryam in the spring of 2013 and features a simple black and white drawing style.

The Animax Skopje Festival is in its third year of programming, and features animators from all over the world. The mission of the festival is to promote animation in Macedonia and develop communication between artists in Macedonia and abroad. According to the festival website, the festival is for "anyone interested in animation as a means of communication, as a way of expanding horizons, as an effort to support a cultural form and spend leisure time creatively and constructively as part of a global trend of creative industries in Europe and the world."

Maryam Rezaei is in her second year in the Master of Fine Arts Visual Communication program at UTA.

Visiting Artist : Trenton Doyle Hancock

Time:Tuesday October 29th, 2013 @ 3:30 pm

Place: Lone star Auditorium @ the Maveric Activity Center

Please join for our next visiting artist Trenton Doyle Hancock.

The New York Times calls Hancock, “A rising star in the American contemporary art world”.  He has work at Cowboys Stadium, was included in the 2000 and 2002 Whitney Biennial and is featured on Art 21.  He lives and works in Houston.

Trenton Doyle Hancock was born in 1974 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Raised in Paris, Texas, Hancock earned his BFA from Texas A&M University, Commerce, and his MFA from the Tyler School of Art at Temple University, Philadelphia. Hancock’s prints, drawings, and collaged-felt paintings work together to tell the story of the Mounds—a group of mythical creatures that are the tragic protagonists of the artist’s unfolding narrative.

Each new work by Hancock is a contribution to the saga of the Mounds, portraying the birth, life, death, afterlife, and even dream states of these half-animal, half-plant creatures. Influenced by the history of painting, especially Abstract Expressionism, Hancock transforms traditionally formal decisions—such as the use of color, language, and pattern—into opportunities to create new characters, develop sub-plots, and convey symbolic meaning. Hancock’s paintings often rework Biblical stories that the artist learned as a child from his family and local church community. Balancing moral dilemmas with wit and a musical sense of language and color, Hancock’s works create a painterly space of psychological dimensions.

Trenton Doyle Hancock was featured in the 2000 and 2002 Whitney Biennial exhibitions, one of the youngest artists in history to participate in this prestigious survey. His work has been the subject of one-person exhibitions at Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston; Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth; and Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami. The recipient of numerous awards, Hancock lives and works in Houston, where he was a 2002 Core Artist in Residence at the Glassell School of Art of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.

UTA’s Roving Museum of Photography

FOCUS, the Fine Arts Photographic Organization of UTA, hosted it's fifth edition of the Roving Museum of Photography on Saturday Oct 12.  This temporary exhibition is held in the box of a 24 foot moving van, parked on Dragon Street for a night of opening receptions of all the galleries in the Design District.  Several hundred visitors came through to view the show, which was juried by Byrd Williams and Elizabeth Mellot of Collin College.  This popular event has become a much-anticipated addition to the Dallas art scene and brings work by UTA students out of the classroom and in front of the art-hungry public!

Recognition for MFA Candidate Morgan Chivers

"Imagining the Real"

MFA Candidate Morgan Chivers' work has been awarded 1st place in the Photography category of the Carnegie Arts Center's exhibition "Imagining the Real". The Exhibition opens this Friday, Oct 18, and will be on display through the end of February along with an exhibition of Pablo Picasso's ceramic work.

Interview published by Glass Art Society:

After being awarded 1st place in the International Student Exhibition Catalog, Morgan Chivers was interviewed by Kristin Galioto of the Glass Art Society for the Student Profile in the organization's quarterly publication. Read the five-page article here:

Professor Darryl Lauster to Speak at Focus on Faculty

Central Library: As part of the Focus on Faculty series, UT Arlington Libraries will present Darryl Lauster on Oct. 23 at noon on the Sixth Floor of Central Library.

In a speech titled “A 520-year conversation,” Mr. Lauster will speak about his sculpture, Reach, which was UT Arlington's first commissioned public outdoor sculpture. Located on the Janet and Michael Greene Research Quadrangle in front of the Engineering Research Building, Lauster based the 20-foot-tall sculpture on Helical Aerial Screw, Leonardo da Vinci's 15th-century sketch for a gyroscopic flying machine. He developed the concept to celebrate the significant growth and change that has occurred at UT Arlington.

“Da Vinci was the ultimate Renaissance man,” Lauster said. “In a single individual we have all the connotations of knowledge, the pursuit of not only engineering, but art, mechanics, flight, and biology.”

Lauster is an Assistant Professor of Intermedia/Sculpture at the University of Texas at Arlington. He has exhibited nationally in many museums and galleries. He is the recipient of the President's Award for Excellence in Teaching, and founder of the Samuel Gray Society, an institute dedicated to 18th-century American history. His work is based in the research of American history and mythology and utilizes digital media, printmaking, sculpture and installation.

For more information or if you need a special accommodation to fully participate in this event, please contact Evelyn Barker at 817-272-6064 or Please allow sufficient time for the accommodation.

Stephanie Anne Clark : Reflections and Naturally

Exhibition Title: Reflections – Part of Fotoweek DC

Gallery: Target Gallery at The Torpedo Factory

Exhibition Dates: November 9th – December 1st, 2013 

Reception: November 14th, 6-8pm; Gallery Talk at 7pm

Gallery Site:

Stephanie Anne Clark’s piece, Air, from her Fall of Icarus photographic series will be on display at the Torpedo Factory Art Center’s Target Gallery this upcoming November. The exhibition entitled Reflections is a media-specific exhibition with a focus on photo-based artwork that examines the theme of “reflections” both literally or figuratively. The exhibition, juried by Lindsay Harris, is open to all artists nationally and internationally. Reflections is a part of Fotoweek DC.

Reflections is a media-specific exhibition with a focus on photo-based artwork that examines the theme of “reflections.” both literally or figuratively. This is a juried exhibition open to all artists nationally and internationally. 



Gallery:Matchbox Gallery at Rice University

Gallery Site:

Opening Reception:Nov. 14

Exhibition dates:Nov. 14-28

Stephanie Anne Clark has coordinated a group exhibition, entitled Naturally, of female artistsfor Rice University’s ‘Matchbox Gallery’. Naturally is an intimate exhibition that examines photographically manipulated works exploring issues that surround visualizations of Nature.

Naturallyis a group exhibition by three regional emerging female artists exploring aspects of Nature and the altered photographic. The artists, Petra Tuns Reeves, Sarah Williams Hearn and Stephanie Anne Clark, can be found manipulating, examining and re-creating images reflecting Nature. The images, featuring an altered Nature in each instance, illicit problems inherent in the visualization of the subject called Nature. From Hearn’s subtle Moon phases dissolving into the medium, to Reeve’s depictions of an altered state of Nature within the domestic plant, and Clark’s retelling of Icarus through abstract shadows of ‘feathers’ and light, the women explore and apply their own stories of Nature as something more-than that specific Nature of the earth, and instead investigate the visualizing of Nature as a construct of experience and projection.

Cyclical issues of truth and fiction, desire and anxiety, demise and rebirth are carefully threaded throughout these photo-based works.

National Recognition for Professor Andy Ortiz

Ortiz work in Southern California Show

EL Camino College Art Gallery in Torrance, CA hosted an exhibition from August 26 – September 19, 2013 titled Personal Tales: Narrative Work that included a series of work by Associate Professor Andrew Ortiz. Ortiz was invited to show twelve digital images from his Measured Disorder series as part of the show that featured autobiographical art or art that conveys intensely personal stories. Ortiz describes this work as “visual descriptions of my experience with epileptic seizures. Dark in both emotional content and physical appearance, the images seek to express the intense psychological impact of dealing with physical challenges.”

Ortiz Exhibits in Newport Beach, CA for Epilepsy Foundation Fundraiser

The Epilepsy Therapy Project, together with the Epilepsy Foundation has invited artists to participate in the Second Annual Hidden Truths, The Mind Unraveledjuried art show. Selected pieces are being featured at the opening event and throughout the month of October 2013 at the Susan Nelson Gallery in Newport Beach, California. Four of Andrew Ortiz’s digital images were selected for exhibition in this show.

Ortiz wins Award from Competition in Wisconsin

The 26th Annual Northern National Art Competition, a cooperative venture of the Northern Arts Council & the Nicolet Art Gallery,is a juried competition of artists from throughout the nation that celebrates “a cross-section of contemporary art in a variety of two-dimensional mediums.” According to show organizers, “Hundreds of artists nationwide submit works for consideration.” The juror this year was James R. Pace, an artist and educator whose work has been exhibited internationally and is included in major collections worldwide. Andrew Ortiz submitted a piece titled Sleep for the show, which won the Patron Award with an accompanying cash prize. The exhibit ran from July 23 – September 6, 2013.

Brendan Feltrup-Exum’s Endeavour at Rockport Film Fest

October 31-November 2

Summary: Brendan Feltrup-Exum's first graduate short film, Endeavour, has been chosen to screen in the official selection for the  Seventh Annual Rockport Film Festival in Rockport, Texas, October 31 - November 2, 2013. The Rockport Film Festival (RFF) celebrates the best of independent cinema on the Texas Coast. Showcasing shorts, features, documentaries, animations and student films, Rockport Film Festival is a welcoming three-day event that highlights talent from all over the world.

About the Festival:

The Rockport Film Festival (RFF) celebrates the best of independent cinema on the Texas Coast. Showcasing shorts, features, documentaries, animations and student films, Rockport Film Festival is a welcoming three-day event that highlights talent from Texas, all over the country and world.

RFF offers an affordable retreat where art meets environment, where filmmakers and attendees can network and relax, enjoying films that are rarely seen elsewhere without having to wait in long lines or navigate multiple theater venues. The Festival holds outdoor screenings, red carpet parties, and plays host to filmmakers, producers, and industry professionals all in the relaxing environment of Rockport, named a "Top-10 Coastal Art Community" by Coastal Living Magazine. 


The Gallery at UTA Presents : Amy Blakemore and Sarah Williams

Exhibition dates: October 14 – November 16, 2013

Reception: Friday, October 18, 5:30 – 8 pm

Gallery talk during reception beginning at 6:30 pm


Arlington- The Gallery at UTA is pleased to present a two person exhibition featuring Sarah Williams’ haunting paintings of isolated buildings, void of human presence in the quiet ‘after-hours’; along with Amy Blakemore’s offbeat photographs of ordinary events and people that provide an introspective view of human activity.

Blakemore’s photographs range from landscapes to portraits to still lifes, and document situations in which objects are seen in focused yet casual compositions that evoke questions of intentionality and design versus opportunity and intuition. Her use of low-tech, and often unpredictable cameras is a hallmark of her work that heightens her emphasis on strong composition and masterful printing of the images.

Sarah Williams creates works that draw attention towhat she calls, “the seemingly mundane, anonymous scenes existing on the periphery that tend to be ignored.” Her evocative paintings of isolated nightscapes use light and concentrated focus to elicit a sense of eerie mystery from everyday rural scenes.

Amy Blakemore received an M.F.A. from the University of Texas at Austin and from 1985-86 was an artist resident of the Core Program at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, TX. She has been head of the Photography Department at the Glassell School, MFAH since 1987. Her photographs have been exhibited internationally for the last thirty years, including in the 2006 Whitney Biennial at the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, and at the 2005 Pingyao International Festival for Photography in Pingyao, China. A twenty-year retrospective of her work, Amy Blakemore Photographs 1988-2008, was organized by Alison de Lima Greene at the MFAH (2009), and traveled to the Seattle Art Museum (2010) and the Oklahoma City Museum of Art (2011).

Sarah Williams received her M.F.A. in painting and drawing from the University of North Texas, Denton in 2009. She is currently an Assistant Professor at Missouri State University in Springfield, MO. In her relatively short professional career, she already has had thirteen solo exhibitions in venues from throughout Texas and Missouri to Los Angeles, as well as participating in thirty-eight group exhibitions. She was a Hunting Art Prize Finalist in both 2010 and 2011.

In association with the exhibition, Sarah Williams will discuss her work in an hour-long gallery talk on Thursday, October 17 beginning at 12:30 pm in The Gallery at UTA.

The exhibit and all events are free and open to the public. Gallery hours are 10 am until 5 pm Monday through Friday and noon until 5 pm on Saturday. The Gallery is located in the Fine Art Building, room 169, at 502 S. Cooper Street, Arlington, TX.  For more information contact Benito Huerta or Patricia Healy (817) 272-5658 or

Deep Ellum Windows: Best Art Movement 2013

When Deep Ellum's newish property management company, Deep Ellum 42, a group that's gained local support by pledging to retain the initial points of interest in old, vacated neighborhood haunts, met Apophenia Underground, the area's newest guerrilla art collective, something amazing happened. Jeff Gibbons and Justin Ginsberg — the humans behind the secretive art group — pitched an unlikely plan: They asked Deep Ellum 42 if they could use those empty buildings, many of which had no electricity, as short-lived art spaces. Not only did Deep Ellum 42 agree, they handed them the keys to an un-leased city. Since that first show in February the neighborhood has turned into a cutting-edge, ephemeral scavenger hunt.

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