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Curator Benito Huerta Featured in “Town and Country” Exhibition


Brand 10 Art Space

3418 West 7th Street

Fort Worth, TX 76107


Janet Chaffee and Curator Benito Huerta have collaborated to create “Property,” a chunk of concrete filled with dirt and sprouting grass. The portable lawn cleverly acquiesces to the notion of land-owners as better citizens, evoking a myriad of concerns about how one combats traditional views of civic worth.

The exhibit, strategically laid out, is worth viewing as it displays several great art pieces by regional artists. The moment one crosses the threshold of Brand 10 for the “Town and Country” exhibit, a confounding interior/exterior dilemma ensues: urban street noise ceases and you walk smack into a fence. Skirting the picket fence finds you staring at a man-made tree. Deeper within the space, a love seat, television, and backyard await. Constructing the exhibit as a microcosm of traditional suburban life, the space capitalizes on our domesticity, familiarity, and a creeping sense of displacement.