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Over 20 Artists From Ten Countries to Present Works Online and in DallasThe Dallas Biennial's inaugural event, DB12, will address the phenomenon of the biennial. Primarily web-based, positioned on multiple web sites and within Dallas, its first online phase, Volume 1, will take place April 13 - June 8, 2012 and remain open-ended, spanning over two years.

This year The Dallas Biennial will act both as an exhibition in traditional"Biennale/Documenta/Manifesta" terms, while parlaying the format to its fullest extent.Video, text, web, sound, and image-based works will be included, as will essays and an archive of work from seminal artists in representative fields.

The curators state, "The primary impetus for the exhibition is to show work we like.Curating is rarely that simple, but that is our goal. DB12 is an uncommon mix of authorship and format. Curated by artists, it is unrestricted by typical bureaucratic parameters and as the exhibition's nexus is virtual, it is unconstrained by location and time. We appropriate the title “Biennial” as a tool, allowing us to highlight artists from an artist's perspective without the agendas, limitations, and biases of an institution.”

The main presentation will be available online beginning April 13th with successive volumes launched over the next two years. A physical component will be on view in Dallas from April 13 - May 5, 2012. The curators state, 'We will install our gallery, Dick Higgins, in the office of the Oliver Francis Gallery, which has been lent to us by the owner. Though our international audience will be able to view the entire exhibition via the Internet, we want Dallas to have an opportunity to see select works firsthand.”

The exhibition will include an installation by The University of Texas Arlington’s own Stephen Lapthisophon called "Offal" a work about states of interiority and subjectivity. The event is curated by current and former UTA faculty and students, Michael Mazurek, Jesse Morgan Barnett, and C.J. Davis.



DB12 Web Exhibition (April 13, 2012 - April 13, 2014)

DB12: Volume 1. Web Exhibition (April 13 - June 8, 2012)

DB12: Volume 1. At Dick Higgins Gallery (located inside Oliver Francis Gallery) (April 13- May 5, 2012)

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