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Deep Ellum Windows : The MetroPlex Takes Note

Recently "Deep Ellum Windows", a project spearheaded by UTA faculty, students, and alumni, has gained some attention through out the Dallas/Fort Worth MetroPlex. Below are excerpts from local write-ups as well as a link to a CBS news broadcast featuring glass Lecturer Justin Ginsberg.

Excerpt Dallas Observer Article:

Walking into "My My Misfire," an installation exhibition curated by thinker/artist/writer and UT Arlington Professor Stephen Lapthisophon, and organized by collaborative Apophenia Underground, was a bitchslap of juxtaposition. Setting the tone is a hand scribbled note taped to the abandoned storefront's window. It reads: "We find things as they are. Sometimes we do something to them. Sometimes we leave them alone. S.L."Running only six hours last Saturday afternoon, a team of artists took over a vacant address on Main Street. The building itself is one of many owned by Deep Ellum's newish property management company, Deep Ellum 42, a group that's gained local support through allowing artists to use their addresses for projects like this, and by pledging to retain the initial points of interest in these old haunts - rather than 'dozing the things.

When first surveying this guerrilla gallery, the installation mostly blends into the empty storefront. As it pops out, like an evolved highlights "hidden pictures," you see the new tucked into the old. You're a welcome guest in this curious and perplexing realm of ephemera.

SM+A Featured Participants:

Stephen Lapthisophon

Deep Ellum Windows (organized by Jeff Gibbons and Justin Ginsberg)

Apophenia Underground (Jeff Gibbons + Justin Ginsberg)

Hannah Hudson

Hayley Fowler

Joshua Hargrav


Excerpt THRWD - For Public Consumption:

To take it literal, the one-day Oligotokous show at the pop-up space owned by DeepEllum 42, part of the Deep Ellum Windows project, was bereft of time, objects and“Art” in the capital sense. The exhibit happened around you and with you, whether you wanted it or not. This allowed for each visitor to meditate on their own presence in the space, no matter how uncomfortable it might have been. Oligotokous featured a challenging group exhibit of Hiroko Kubo, Kevin Ruben Jacobs, Francis Giampietro and members of artist collaborative, Performance Southwest, including Courtney Brown, Christine Hoang, and Alison Starr, who are doing wonderful things for performance art in Dallas.

SM+A Featured Participants:

Deep Ellum Windows (Jeff Gibbons and Justin Ginsberg)

Kevin Ruben Jacobs

Courtney Brown

Christine Hoang

Alison Starr

Francis Giampietro

Apophenia Underground (Jeff Gibbons and Justin Ginsberg)

Jesse England



Excerpt Art&Seek:

The curated exhibitions this weekend will be one solo and one group, Interaction and Oligotokous. Interaction features work by Jesse England (above) involving lots of cool-sounding materials (“mirrored glass, liquid copper and flame-cut steel”) while, judging from my minimal classic Greek, the artists in Oligotokous seem to be rather modest about themselves. Oligos means “few” (an oligarchy is rule by a few people) and tokous means something like “interest.” So: of interest to only a few. Or perhaps, an interesting little group.

SM+A Featured Participants:

Jesse England

Kevin Ruben Jacobs

Francis Giampietro