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Deep Ellum Windows : The Return

Collaborative art group Apophenia Underground (Jeff Gibbons and Justin Ginsberg) brings Deep Ellum Windows back to Dallas for another season of exhibitions. Voted "Best New Art Movement of Dallas, 2013" in the Dallas Observer, Deep Ellum Windows began a couple weeks earlier, and now the duo has curated a new set of exhibitions, which are taking over the vacant buildings and lots. Solo Exhibitions inhabiting five separate spaces on Main St. in Deep Ellum by Jesse Morgan Barnett, Kayla Escobedo, Mariko Spigner, and artist collaborative Brush Muscle (Andy Don Emmons, Terry Hogan, and Michael Wynne).


Opening Reception: March 29th, 7-11pm

and an installation from 8-11pm at 2625 Main St.


Jesse Morgan Barnett // Turbomeca

// 2604 Main St.


Kayla Escobedo // Kayla: Now and Then, Now and Again

PERFORMANCE 8-10pm at 2656 Main St.

// 2656 Main St. and 2625 Main St.


Brush Muscle (Andy Don Emmons, Terry Hogan, Michael Wynne) 

// 2810 Main St.


Mariko Spigner // Crane

// 2647 Main St. (outdoors)