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Design Expo

AIGA UTA Student Group will host its largest event of the year in welcoming four speakers, an alumni panel and gallery reception on Thursday, November 7th from 2:00-9:30pm.

There is more to design than just making stuff. A lot of thought and questioning goes on during the process which involves critical outside the box thinking. It is a tool used for creating experiences and solving complex problems through a variety of mediums. Everyone may define design a bit differently so AIGA UTA aims to provide those different ideas and unique perspectives to help educate and open the mind to what design can be.

You don't have to be a designer to go to the event, this event is open to all students and the public. The program for the day is below:

2:00pm–3:15pm Diana Tran from Google
3:30pm–4:45pm Lily Smith-Kirkley of Lilco Letterpress
5:00pm–5:45pm Alumni Gallery Reception
5:45pm–6:30pm Alumni Panel Q&A discussion
6:45pm–8:00pm Josh Ege, TAMU Professor
8:15pm–9:30pm Gordon Clines from Oven Bits

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